As the video of Son Heung-min’s mother’s tears goes viral… Warning not to take photos of your family

Soccer player Son Heung-min / Photo = Yonhap News

The football player, Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham) has recently warned against filming his family illegally in the stadium.

Son & Football Limited, Son’s domestic management company, recently issued an official statement saying, “We found videos of Son Heung-min’s family on several social media channels and online communities.” Personal information and portraits have been exposed.”

He continued, “We are experiencing additional inconvenience due to actions such as sudden visits to the families of the players at the stadium and asking for photos. It is clearly illegal to post filmed videos online to pursue personal interests, and it is an act should be implemented. strictly prohibited.”

Heung-Min Son’s side said, “Do not stop filming the players’ families without the prior consent of the parties and reveal the filmed footage to a channel where an unspecified number of people can see it. If it is found , we will not ignore it any longer and will take all necessary steps.”

Recently on a YouTube channel, a video of Son Heung-min’s parents cheering for their son in the stands was uploaded, after which it quickly spread through various online communities. In the video, Son Heung-min’s parents wiped away tears as they cheered while watching their son’s game. The post has now been taken down from the YouTube channel where the video was first uploaded.

Portrait right is the right not to have your portrait (face, etc.) photographed or published without permission. Taking a video or photo requires the consent of the person concerned.

If you secretly film and share it without permission, it is a violation of the right to portray, but there are no criminal penalties for copyright infringement in Korea. However, if there are sexually harassing phrases, offensive language, or accusations written on the Internet along with pictures, defamation or insult charges can be reviewed based on this.

Kim Soo-young, reporter for [email protected]

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