As World Cup Women's emerges, soccer players from Latin America seek a change

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According to The Press

For women in many parts of the world, a range of tangible practices can mean a level playing field.

Players in Latin America have clear political, cultural and even historical challenges when it comes to soccer and sport as a whole. They strive to close gender gaps completely differently than their challenge to a high profile squad, such as the team defending the team and the fight for equity pay.

But with the World Cup of Women coming closer to their game, Latin American women are paying more attention to their difficulties and are beginning to see at least incremental results.

Isabella Echeverri and Melissa Ortiz began many of the actions of players fighting for equity in the US, Australia and other countries earlier this year to address some of the issues facing partners on the national team of Colombian women. He got a draw when players from the national team of men, who went to World Cup last year in Russia, confirmed their support for the effort.

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