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Asan City promotes ‘Knowing AIDS Right’ to improve awareness

[굿뉴스365] On December 1st, the 35th World AIDS Day and AIDS Prevention Week, Asan City will promote AIDS prevention and dispel prejudice against AIDS.

Considering the recent increase in new AIDS infections among teenagers, the city has launched ‘Don’t doubt, safe check-up’, ‘Easy prevention with a condom’, and ‘Baro’ through branded wetons, YouTube videos, and online campaigns that are friendly to middle and high school students and college students Know and immediately start various campaigns such as everyday life.

In addition, publicity materials and promotional videos on AIDS prevention and awareness enhancement will be provided to Soonchunhyang University, Sunmoon University, and Hoseo University, and a cooperative system will be established to promote active offline publicity during Prevention Week.

An official from the public health center said, “We hope to improve awareness so that there is no prejudice or discrimination against infected people by providing accurate information about AIDS.”

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