“ASEAN Film Festival” opens the project “Asia Collaboration Projects”, a short film from 3 nations, “Thailand-Malaysia-Hong Kong” reflecting COVID-19

Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2021 (Bangkok Asean Film Festival 2021 or BAFF 2021) is organized by the Ministry of Culture (STI) together with the National Federation of Film Associations. including government and private agencies with the aim of supporting and promoting films made in Southeast Asia. to have outstanding potential on the international film stage as well as building cooperation of the film industry in the region and other parts of the world. ASEAN Film Festival Held between December 8-13, with the opening ceremony on December 8, 2021 at the SF World Cinema, 8th floor, Central World and the award ceremony and closing ceremony in On December 13, 2021 at Paragon Cineplex, 5th floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

In addition to the exhibition of quality films, both long and short films from ASEAN countries will also be held. The Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Asia Content Business Summit (ACBS), commissioned the National Federation of Motion Pictures Associations. Organized a short film project, including a series of continuous screenings, “Asia Collaboration Projects”, a project that promotes exchanges of cooperation between countries in Asia and others with the support of ACBS. This year, there are 3 films from 3 countries: Thailand / Hong Kong / Malaysia that submitted films to participate in this project It is also the first movie debut. The content of all 3 stories will tell about the various impacts of the Covid-19 situation. in different perspectives

Movie “Volunteer19” from Thailand

COVID has changed the way we live our lives. Measures are taken to stop the virus from spreading. Even the Songkran festival that has been with Thais for a long time has to stop!!! And this is the second year that the Scrant event has to be cancelled. The Covid crisis makes “Papon” a young man, a musician. reluctantly returned to his homeland, although he did not want to return Because he hates “Aunt Sugarcane”, the real aunt who is an MVSC who is busy with everything in his life, including love. Aunt Aoi forced him to break up with his former lover until he fled to Bangkok. When someone infected with the coronavirus escapes from quarantine and comes to the village of Papon Nam Aoi, the village health officer has to find the infected person, with the villagers following him. This mission made Papon’s feelings for Aunt Sugarcane change. and saw the importance of the Vor. who takes care of Thailand through this covid crisis “Volunteer19” directed by Tum-Putthipong Saisrikew, starring Ble Pathumrat, Michael Chaonasai and Poppy-Chonnipa Wisetsut.

Comedy movie “No Panic” from Hong Kong.

It is a family story with a father and daughter, a father who is a medical worker and a father who has little time for his children. because they only devote their time to work As for the daughter, she is quite fond of cleanliness and is worried that her father does not want her father to work as a front line. During the Covid-19 outbreak Grandfather came to live at their home and Grandfather was a person who didn’t care and cares about cleanliness how much, causing misunderstandings in the house. “No Panic” is directed by Ho Fung, starring Winnie Soe. ,Tang Yoo Chun and Cho Ying Faz

Movie “WANSTS (We All Need Someone To Stay) from Malaysia

Tell the story of Bakar stuck at home during lockdown due to a large outbreak while at home He video call his friend ilham As they were discussing their pre-epidemic life, the government suddenly declared a state of emergency. Increase the epidemic control measures more intensely. Also, more news about the mutation of the virus. Bakar tries to contact his mother, who is out shopping. When he was alone, fear arose. An infected person has invaded the house. He had to confront and kill the intruders. Then he set off to find his mother. As he drove around the desolate city He received a final voicemail from her, “WANSTS“ directed by Feisal Azizuddin.

For the series of films (Asia Collaboration Projects) will be screened for free on December 13 at 4 p.m. at cinemas. Paragon Cineplex You can reserve seats to watch movies via And can follow and watch the trailer for 3 short films, 3 Nation via