ASEAN-Korea Conference Held to Strengthen Cooperation in Healthcare Sector – Press Release | briefing room | news

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Kyu-Hong Cho) and the Korea Health Promotion Organization (Director Hyun-Jang Cho) held a meeting on November 29 (March) at 10:00 AM at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul ·Held the 「ASEAN-Korea Conference to Strengthen Cooperation in the Healthcare Field」 with ASEAN* Member States, the most important cooperation partners in the Pacific region.

* 10 ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Brunei

○ The meeting was attended by Kim Heon-joo, head of the Planning and Coordination Office of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Cho Hyun-sang, director of the Korea Health Promotion Institute, from the Korean side of the Philippine Ministry. Health Joel H. Buenaventura, Director of International Cooperation, visited Korea and attended.

Korea and ASEAN have been conducting various cooperation projects (K health projects) focusing on universal health guarantee (UHC) and health security since the establishment of the ASEAN-Korea health and medical dialogue channel in August 2020. (’21- ’23 season 1)

○ This meeting will share the results of the 1st phase cooperation project pursued by ASEAN and Korea, and the areas of cooperation for the 2nd phase project, which will start in 2024, will include the health care system , health industry, health promotion, digital health, and health and capacity building of medical personnel He was ready to look for ways to expand further with support.

□ Meanwhile, at the meeting, So-Min Kim, Director General of Trade Development in the Ministry of Health and Welfare, presented the background of the promotion of ASEAN-Korea health and medical cooperation and the medium to long-term plan and direction He discussed 「Health Cooperation Strategic Project and ASEAN-Korea Medical」, and Director Yu-mi Oh of the Korea Health Promotion Institute of the ASEAN-Korea health cooperation In announcing the development direction of the health care cooperation system

○ International health expert, Visiting Professor Yoon Sang-cheol from the Harvard School of Public Health, gave a presentation on the implications of Korea-ASEAN health cooperation and its importance from an international health perspective.

□ Head of the Planning and Coordination Office of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Kim Heon-joo gave a congratulatory speech, saying, “ASEAN is our most important cooperative partner, and the Korean government, as a responsible member of the international community, has shared our experience of achieve indicators similar to a developed country in various areas of health care in a short period of time. We are ready to actively share with the member states.”

○ “I hope today’s meeting will be a meaningful venue for Korea and ASEAN to form a consensus on strengthening cooperation in the health and medical field, and through this, seek medium to long-term cooperation plans,” he said.

□ Director Hyun-Jeon Cho of the Korea Health Promotion Institute said, “This year, we have produced meaningful results to lay the foundation for effective cooperation in conducting on-site meetings with ASEAN countries and demand surveys in member countries.”

○ “Starting from this meeting today, I hope we will communicate more closely and discover mutually beneficial health and medical cooperation measures,” he said.

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