Asean market, Thai league, Myanmar footballers come quietly but there are plenty of them too.

Before the Thai League 1 market, the 2022-23 season, the first round will be closed on August 9, 65 to start the opening match of the top league field on August 12, 65, all 16 clubs in front of the country reinforce the army. continuously intensively In particular, the issue of foreign player quotas that this year have adjusted new competition rules according to the format of the AFC Asian Football Club Championship. champion league that will take place in the year 2023-24 of the Asian Football Confederation to assign players on the field to have 5+1 foreign players

By registering the list of foreign players in Thai League 1 for the 2022-23 season of 16 clubs, they will be able to register foreign players as follows. 5 international players (outside Asia), 1 Asian player and unlimited ASEAN players. As for the quota in the field for each game, it is 3+1+3 (3 International+1 Asia+3 ASEAN) ASEAN quota that the Thai League tries to create a hub for the region before closing the market in the first round. The Philippines is also a nation that has been Popular because there are a lot of people who have a lot of European league experience. As a result, the Philippine national team in this era is almost 75% of the country in Thailand. At this time, there are 14 Filipino players in the Thai top league.

As for the ASEAN quota, another unbelievably rising quota is Myanmar, 4 of which are Aung Tu (Buriram United), Saw Min Tun (Chonburi FC), Maung Maung Lwin (Lamphun Warriors). ), Hien Phayo Win (Ratchaburi FC). In addition, in the Thai League 2 stage, there are still many Myanmar players in various teams. It is estimated that the Myanmar national team players Will come together in the Thai league more after the recent period to develop a better playing form It also has a wage that is not very high.

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