ASEAN U-23s compete like this! must press vietnam

After the ASEAN Football Federation or AFF draws the draw for the 23-year youth football championship, the 2022 ASEAN Championship in Cambodia hosted the competition between 14-26 February 65, this time with teams participating in the competition. A total of 11 teams are divided into 3 groups as follows:

GROUP A : Cambodia (host), Timor Leste, Philippines, Brunei

GROUP B : Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Lao PDR

GROUP C : Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore

In the format of the competition, the group winners from all 3 groups, plus the best 2nd-ranked team from all 3 groups, will advance to the semi-finals. In the group with 4 teams, such as Group A, B, the second ranked team of the group, when the score is measured with other groups The scores and results of the match against the group’s bottom team must be eliminated. to measure qualification In order not to cause an advantage and disadvantage for the team in Group C

It is predicted that the format of the tournament will come out like this from the original competition of the ASEAN Championship, usually divided into 2 groups, but this time it has been adjusted to 3 groups. Real players have to wait to see if the team withdraws from the competition or not. which the format will be flexible according to the situation

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