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‘Ashwin reckons Rahul will play out of crease, misses fifth delivery

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Sharjah: Kolkata needed 7 runs to win the last over against Delhi in the second qualifier. But Rahul Tripadi finished the game with a six off Ashwin’s fifth delivery. Former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar is pointing fingers at where Ashwin went wrong here.

Ashwin conceded just one run in the first four balls of the last over. He took two wickets in a row. But Rahul Tripadi smashed a six off the fifth ball in the fifth over to take Kolkata to the final.

In the fifth delivery, Ashwin miscalculated. Ashwin thought that Rahul Tripadi would play off the track. With this, Ashwin’s delivery came as a flounder. If Tripadi plays off the track then that delivery will not come in Tripadi zone. But what Tripadi did was wait for the ball. And then played a great shot. Finished well, Gavaskar said.

After losing the toss and opting to bat, Delhi were bowled out for 135 in 20 overs. The openers gave a good start to the chased Kolkata. Venkatesh Iyer scored 55 off 41 balls. Gill scored 46 off 46 balls.

Kolkata were 96 for their first wicket in the innings. However, Kolkata’s wickets continued to fall as the opening partnership fell apart. Four players, including Dinesh Karthik and Morgan, were ducked. But for them to touch the winning goal.


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