‘Ashwin should have thrown more off-breaks’; Sangakkara and Sehwag criticized

Team director of cricket Kumar Sangakkara and former Indian cricketer and commentator Virender Sehwag have criticized Rajasthan Royals spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. Both were criticized for throwing too many balls in the final. Sangakkara and Veeru said that Ashwin should have thrown more of his stock ball off-breaks.

“Ashwin has done a great job for us. Although Ashwin is a legend in terms of his achievements on the cricket pitch, he needs to think more and improve his performance. We need to make more use of his off-spin and make more use of it, ”Sangakkara said after the match.

Sehwag also criticized the government for not throwing more off-breaks. “Ashwin should have thrown more of his off-spins. That made the batters more of a problem. But Ashwin Karam threw more balls. A rough patch formed on the pitch in the final overs of the match. Even to Gill, perhaps, it would have made it difficult. Pandya could have been expelled in the same way. But Ashwin thought differently. He tried to take wickets with variations, ”Sehwag said.

Many on social media had suggested that Ashwin should have tried more off-breaks against Gujarat’s David Miller in the final. Miller, who scored 32 off 19 balls, was instrumental in Gujarat’s victory.

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