“Asia Era One” joins hands with “Mahidol University” to open the Makkasan Airport Rail Link area

Asia Era One Co, Ltd, is a joint investor in the high-speed rail project connecting three airports and is currently the sponsor of the Airport Rail Link operation under the supervision of SRT Electric Vehicle Company Limited in collaboration with the College of Music. Mahidol University is organizing the City Line Music Stations music event next to the train at the Airport Rail Link Makkasan station. to create color and add happiness to travel for Airport Rail Link train passengers, tourists AND the general public, the City Line Music Stations activity, the music on the Train event held today is also the first time for the College of Music . Mahidol University also participated in a music show at the train station

The highlight of the event is the musical performances by students from the College of Music who have prepared two highly skilled bands to create the atmosphere in two styles: FineDay Brass, a classical band, and contemporary music from Zene and Friends who have joined to show their pattern drawing skills to attract the passengers and the public traveling back and forth It is considered a new type of entertainment phenomenon that comes during the journey to add color. And liven up the Airport Rail Link station Follow the good news and activities from the Airport Rail Link on Facebook @AirportRailLink #CityLineMusicStations Event #music on the train


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