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Asia Insurance : How do customers make a claim after 15 Oct. 20?

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Thai General Insurance Association update 21 non-life insurance companies join to alleviate the suffering of customers. “Asia Insurance” explains the case of covid claims, but has not yet filed the company Must pay expenses before-recovery at the insurance fund In case of claiming a car after October 15, it is the wrong party and must repair it by itself and claim a refund from the Fund.

On October 29, 2021 Ms.Kalaya Jukhom, Senior Executive Vice President The Thai General Insurance Association said that there are currently 21 insurance companies. participating in the project to alleviate the suffering of the insured Asia Insurance Plc. 1950. Customers have the following options:

1. Request a refund of insurance premiums from the Non-Life Insurance Fund In case the policy has not expired or

2. Contact 21 insurance companies for new insurance. By informing the company that the premiums that will be eligible to be refunded will be used as part of paying new premiums which is now ready and can be contacted Or ask for more information at the Thai General Insurance Association 02-1088399 or the Thai General Insurance Association Facebook page.

In the case of a claim

1. Who has already filed a claim with Asia Insurance? but have not received the money to apply for a claim at the Insurance Fund (submit through the security guard. The province can), especially those who have covid insurance. The fund will quickly look at the matter and expedite the payment.

2. Who has a claim but has not filed with Asia Insurance? Must pay various expenses first (if there are expenses to be paid) and then recover from the fund according to item 1.

3.In the case of car insurance that occurred after October 15, 1964, if we are an Asia Insurance customer, then it is the right side. To claim damages from the wrong company / But if we are at fault, we have to repair the car ourselves. (then go to claim the money back from the Fund In the case of insurance, there is coverage for our own car too), but the car of the other party that was hit by us has to have the insurance company of the other party’s car repair it. Then the car insurance company will claim the money back from the fund itself.

For COVID insurance of Asia insurance customers whose policy has not expired

1. to return the remaining premium from the insurance fund, or

2. Contact Dhipaya Insurance (via online system only, the system opens on 1 Nov 64) to buy new insurance We have to fill in the intention to use the premium that will be refunded. buy covid insurance with Dhipaya Insurance There are preliminary details:

– Insurance premium 300 baht

– Protection period 1 year

– Coma coverage If the age is not over 60 years, the insured amount is 300,000 baht, if the person is 60-99 years old, the insured sum is 30,000 baht.

(Anyone who is entitled to receive a premium of less than 300 baht, Dhipaya Insurance will adjust the coverage period according to the eligible premiums. but if anyone is entitled to receive a premium over 300 baht, the excess can be refunded from the fund under item 1.)

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