Asian Cup Xiamen supporting activities kicked off on October 30, kicking off a football boom

“Hello, Xiamen! Hello, Asian Cup!” On the morning of October 30th, Liu Chunzhuang, world windsurfing champion, Chen Huichao, champion of National Games sailing, and Wang Wenzhong, world champion of Sanda came to the gate of Gulangyu Majohan Stadium and took the lead in punching the Asian Cup Xiamen city. Logo.

At the same time, supporting activities for the Asian Cup, such as the “Ma Johns Cup” futsal game and football carnival, have been launched in full swing, setting off a football craze around the public.

Citizens who missed this event don’t have to worry. Before November 5th, you can continue to go to the three check-in points of Gulangyu Majohnson Stadium, Huandonghaiyu Meifeng Sports Park, and Xiamen Sports Center to participate in the 2023 AFC China Asian Cup. You can also get exquisite gifts for the event emblem and city logo check-in activities!

 Check in together and send good wishes

This past weekend was particularly meaningful for many citizens, because they were all cheering for the Asian Cup at their doorstep.

In the early morning of October 30th, many citizens and tourists came to the city logo check-in event at the Majohnson Stadium in Gulangyu early in the morning. Blessings from the cup.

The sports champions are here too! Windsurfing world champion Liu Chunzhuang, National Games sailing champion Chen Huichao, and Sanda world champion Wang Wenzhong all came to the scene to play CALL for the Asian Cup. “As a sportsman, we are more responsible for promoting the Asian Cup and contributing to the hosting of the Asian Cup in Xiamen.” The champions said.

There are also new couples wearing wedding dresses to check in. “The Asian Cup has come to Xiamen and we have caught up. I am honored to be able to check in for the Asian Cup. It is very meaningful to take wedding photos and encounter such a check-in event. Hello, Xiamen! Hello, Asian Cup. !”

Many internet celebrities with hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans came to the scene, spontaneously filmed promotional videos for the event, and promoted the check-in activities on the platform. “We shared the Asian Cup check-in activities at our doorstep with fans, and everyone is also welcome to go to March A check-in point, take a close photo with the Asian Cup city logo, and work together to help the Asian Cup and support the Asian Cup.”

 “Ma John Cup” futsal match kicked off

Lightning flint-like offensive and defensive conversion, forward one-on-one breakthroughs, fast assists from the wing, no leaking defense, brilliant goals… On the morning of October 30, with a whistle, “I want to participate in the Asian Cup” 2021 Ma John The Cup Futsal match kicked off.

After the opening hot dance, fancy football performance and a special kick-off ceremony, the opening match of the ICBC team against the PICC P&C team and the China Construction Bank team against the Rural Commercial Bank team was held at the same time. As soon as the game started, the two sides competed fiercely. The players’ tacit cooperation and skilled skills won rounds of applause and applause.

It is understood that, as an important supporting event of the “I want to participate in the Asian Cup”, the 2021 Majohan Cup Futsal has attracted college students, corporate employees, and officials from government agencies and institutions. In the next two months, nearly 60 teams in the city will present us with a wonderful green field competition.

According to reports, this game is hosted by the Xiamen Municipal Sports Bureau, Xiamen Football Association, and undertaken by the District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Haixi Morning News, and the district football associations, Gulangyu Sub-district Office, Xiamen Luqiao Sports Group Event Operation Co., Ltd., Xiamen Gathering Co-organized by Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Li Lina, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, said that this match is not only a tribute to the tradition of Xiamen football, but also a re-start of Xiamen football. At the same time, as a supporting event of the Asian Cup, the “Ma Johns Cup” futsal game held in six districts of Xiamen will become the “propaganda team” of the Asian Cup and the “planter” of mass football, promoting Xiamen’s football. develop.

  Carnival ignites football enthusiasm in the city

Football curling, where to play, turn around, race against time, match seats, football nine-squares… The football carnival held that day was also exciting, igniting the enthusiasm of football in the whole city, and the fun and interesting games attracted many football fans to participate.

Tiantian (a pseudonym) who lives on Gulangyu Island is only over one year old. Under the guidance of his parents, he also came to the football carnival scene. All kinds of interesting decorations on the scene attracted her to walk through it and have fun. “Since we know how to walk, we have often taken children to exercise. Just saw this event, not far from home, so we brought the children over. We feel very proud, because the Asian Cup will be held in front of our home.” Everyday The parents told reporters.

Children continue to team up under the leadership of their parents and feel the joy of football in the game. “I see all the brothers on the field are strong, and I will be as good as them in the future. I will participate in more games and participate in the Asian Cup!” A “captain footballer” who has just entered the third grade passed all the levels in one breath. , And excitedly shared his dreams with the people around him.(Reporter Ye Qinglin, Haixi Morning Post)

Original title: The Asian Cup Xiamen supporting activities kicked off on October 30, creating a football boom

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