Asiana Airlines increases flights to China to ’89 times a week’… “50% flight rate recovery”

Reporter Jeong Han-gyeol of Money Today | 2023.03.09 14:49

/ Photo courtesy of Asiana Airlines.

Asiana Airlines announced on the 9th that it will increase flights to 89 flights per week on 17 major Chinese routes from March.

First of all, on the 6th, starting with an increase in flights to Shenzhen, the number of flights increased from 10 per week on 9 routes to 25 per week on 13 routes. The △Guangzhou △Qingdao △Xian △Tianjin routes, which were suspended for three years due to Corona 19, will resume.

From the 26th, when the summer schedule is applied, major routes in China, such as △Beijing △Shanghai △Guangzhou, will increase greatly. The Gimpo-Shanghai (Hongqiao) and Yanji routes will be operated seven times a week, the Shenzhen route three times a week, and the Tianjin-Harbin-Hangzhou-Chengdu-Xian route twice a week.

From April 17, the Dalian route will operate four times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday), and from the 24th of the same month, the Gimpo-Beijing route will operate seven times a week, and Changsha route four times. per week (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday). ) and increase flights to 89 times a week.

Asiana Airlines plans to start reopening Chinese routes in earnest by raising the recovery rate of Chinese routes, which had remained at the previous level of 5%, to around 50%. An Asiana Airlines official said, “This increase in flights is the starting point for a complete recovery of the Incheon-China route.”

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