Ask a man to open fire on police in northern Tennessee in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A man was trying to open fire on police officers in Columbia, Tennessee has carried himself into police in Detroit.

Jamal Gardner was forced to police at Wayne County Prison at 8:00 p.m. Friday. Gardner was with his cousin Cassandra Hancock and Minister Fuqua Bey when he held himself.

Hancock said 7 News Activity, "He told me what happened, so I was told it was time to go."

Police have been looking for police from an event 6 days ago. Dar

to our Nashville sister station

, police cam video release of the adventure shows that Gardner is sometimes driven by a police officer.

WTVF reports

the incident began to call on the police who alleged Gardner's attack on his girlfriend on Saturday. Later that afternoon, a police officer was pulling traffic traffic by Gardner at his house.

Police say that when Gardner opened fire. No one was injured.

Gardner wanted to try to murder a 1st rank on a Police Officer, at risk of recklessness, intense attack and other charges.


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