Assassin’s Creed Mirage: A Return to the Origins of the Series with a Historical Tale of Baghdad

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: A Promising Departure for the Beloved Franchise

In a surprising move, the highly anticipated next installment in the popular Assassin’s Creed series, titled “Mirage,” has announced its release date a week earlier than expected alongside the exclusive Gold edition. This latest addition to the franchise takes a significantly different approach from the recent main series titles, offering a refreshing sense of scale and a return to the franchise’s roots. With the bar set high for this new direction, Ubisoft has unveiled an intriguing making-of video that focuses on the painstaking reconstruction of 9th century Baghdad, the game’s central setting.

Recreating the grandeur of Baghdad, a once-thriving city that now only exists in history, was a monumental challenge for the development team. As the world’s largest and most prosperous city during its time, Baghdad held a prominent position in global history. Ubisoft took an extensive approach to ensure authenticity, relying on thorough archaeological surveys, written accounts from travelers of the era, and buildings found in nearby cities from that period. The collaboration of history and art experts further enhanced the game’s accuracy. The result is a faithful representation of the diverse and bustling city, where multiple religions and cultures coexist.

The “Assassin’s Creed” series is renowned for its attention to detail, and “Mirage” continues this tradition. The game boasts accurate artistic reproductions, allowing players to immerse themselves in historically significant regions. Additionally, players can embark on side quests centered around cultural heritage and encounter appearances by renowned historical figures. These unique features contribute to the series’ allure and authenticity.

For those eager to learn more about the extensive efforts put into recreating 9th century Baghdad, the latest making-of video offers a detailed glimpse into the game’s development.

Gripping Narrative and Compelling Characters

Beyond its impressive world-building, Assassin’s Creed Mirage presents a captivating story that revolves around Basim, a cunning thief haunted by nightmarish visions, who embarks on a quest for answers and justice. As Basim becomes entwined with an ancient organization, he undergoes a transformative journey that reshapes his destiny in unexpected ways.

  • An Epic Growth Story: Immerse yourself in an exquisitely crafted action-and-story-adventure as you witness a rebellious young man’s path to becoming a skilled master assassin. The narrative is driven by fascinating characters who shape Basim’s fate, leaving players to question their true intentions.
  • Ultimate Killer: Assume the role of the most versatile Assassin in the series’ history. Traverse the city seamlessly and utilize an expanded arsenal of equipment. Take on missions from the Assassin Branch, carefully gather vital clues, and execute instinctive assassinations that surpass anything seen in previous games.
  • A Responsive and Immersive City: Explore a meticulously designed city where every move you make elicits dynamic reactions from the vibrant inhabitants. Uncover the secrets of four distinct districts, ranging from the industrial Calw to the serene circular gardens. Delve into world events and interact with influential historical figures who left their mark on Baghdad’s Golden Age.
  • A Tribute to the Series’ Origins: Paying homage to its roots, Assassin’s Creed Mirage provides a seamless blend of classic gameplay and cutting-edge technology. Journey to Alamut, the legendary birthplace of the Assassins, and experience the systems and gameplay mechanics that have defined the series for 15 years.

Meet the Intriguing Characters:

  • Basim: Hailing from Samarra, Basim endured a lonely upbringing on the streets of Baghdad after losing his mother at a tender age. Admiring the enigmatic Hidden Ones, he dreams of joining their ranks.
  • Roshan: Having escaped a life of oppression, Roshan ascended to the role of Master Assassin in Alamut, the Hidden Ones’ sanctuary. Now, he mentors Basim as his first apprentice.
  • Nehal: Similar to Basim, Nehal grew up on the city’s streets. A resilient and tenacious lone wolf, she looks after Basim, constantly reminding him to trust only himself in a world full of uncertainties.
  • Ali: Leading the Zanju rebellion, Ali is a highly intelligent and cunning individual determined to fight against the caliphate’s rule. Although they collaborate with the Hidden Ones, Ali challenges their beliefs, asserting that freedom knows no bounds.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage promises a fresh and enthralling experience, propelling players into the heart of an ancient conflict while delivering a nuanced narrative and unforgettable characters. Prepare to step into the shoes of Basim and embark on a journey that will test both his abilities and his perception of the world.

The other day, the latest in the popular series “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”, announced for release a week earlier than expected along with Gold, has a significantly different approach to the main series titles during the recent years, such as a sense of scale and a return to the first generation. While expectations are high for the new direction, Ubisoft has released an interesting making-of video focusing on 9th century Baghdad and its reconstruction, which is this work.

Faced with the extremely difficult task of recreating, as faithfully as possible, Baghdad, a lost city that no longer exists, the largest and most prosperous city in the world at the time, could be called the center of the world in the world’s leading museum. “Baghdad” was built on the basis of thorough archaeological surveys of descriptions left by travelers from the area and buildings from the period found in nearby cities, as well as the collaboration of experts in history and art. Regions, accurate artistic reproductions, the variety of big cities where multiple religions and cultures mix, side quests on the theme of cultural heritage and appearances of historical figures, etc., are unique to the “Assassin’s Creed” series. Check out the latest video below to see our detailed efforts.

Game overview

Assassin’s Creed Mirage follows Basim, a cunning thief who sees nightmarish visions and seeks answers and justice.

As a member of an ancient organization, Basim learns a new creed and changes his destiny in unexpected ways.

an epic growth story

In this exquisitely crafted action-and-story-adventure, watch a misbehaving young man battle his destiny to become a skilled master assassin. Fascinating characters shape Basim’s destiny. They may not be what they seem…

ultimate killer

Become the most versatile Assassin in the history of the series. Run seamlessly through the city and use more equipment than ever before. Accept commissions in the Assassin Branch, gather key clues, and take your targets out of the shadows with more instinctive assassinations than ever before.

A responsive and immersive city

Explore a city full of mobs that react to your every move. Discover the secrets of four different areas, from industrial Calw to a circular city of lush green gardens. Witness incredible world events and interact with the historical figures who helped shape Baghdad’s Golden Age.

A tribute to the origin of the series

Experience the systems and gameplay that have defined the series for 15 years with the latest technology. In this homage to the roots of the series, travel to Alamut, the legendary home of the Assassins who laid the foundations of their creed.


Basim: Born in Samarra, Basim lost his mother at a young age and grew up alone on the streets of Baghdad. He admires the Hidden Ones and dreams of becoming one of them.

Roshan: After escaping a life of oppression, Roshan became a Master assassin in Alamut, home of the Hidden Ones. Now he looks after Basim as his first pupil.

Nehal: Like Basim, Nehal was born and raised on the city streets. She is a lone wolf, stubborn and determined. Nehal, who looks after Basim, always reminds him that he cannot trust others and can only trust himself.

Ali: Ali is the leader of the Zanju rebellion. Highly intelligent and intelligent, he was determined to fight relentlessly against the rule of the caliphate. Although they cooperate with the Hidden Ones, they do not respect their beliefs and believe that freedom has no limits.

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