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“Assemble!Animal Crossing Friends Club” will launch a large number of updates from November 5 | Chasing the New | Wonderful Malaysia

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Nintendo released a very special “Collection!” on the weekend. Animal Crossing Friends Club Direct”, a special 20-minute live broadcast of the game was launched on the same day. This game has a large-scale free update, and they will launch a premium version update on November 5 this year.

I haven’t visited my own island for nearly a year, partly because I’m more busy with social activities (and thinking that if I didn’t return to the game, my “Assemble! Animal Crossing Friends” residents would be lost because I left them. Feeling unhappy), but this is definitely not because there is nothing to do in the game. In fact, since the game was released, they have been very generous to provide free updates.

Nintendo announced that they will only release another major content update for the game. With the emergence of a large number of new features, the game has attracted a large number of players, making them want to return to their island. The following is “Assemble! The new features of the updated version of “Animal Crossing Friends Club” make players feel excited.

New attractions and encounters

The island’s museum will open a cafe The Roost, where the fan’s favorite pigeon barista Brewster will appear. You will be able to order coffee, play with your islanders, and even invite your friends for coffee.

Other new characters include Kapp’n and Harriet, Kapp’n will lead you on a boat and tour the mysterious island, and Harriet is the hair stylist on Harv Island.

Integrate gaming with your lifestyle

“Assemble! “Animal Crossing Friends Club” encourages players to add a Group Stretching function on the square of the island so that they can do some simple stretching actions.

You can participate in stretching exercises with your islanders through the button control or motion control of the JoyCon controller.

If you are willing to play “Gathering!” at a certain time of the day. Animal Crossing, you can talk about Ordinaces with Isabelle.

For example, Early Bird Ordinace will enable all islanders to wake up and become active in the morning. This means you can also match your islander’s schedule with your real life schedule.

New custom features and items

You will soon be able to use DIY recipes and the things you grow to cook food. These ingredients include tomatoes, wheat, pumpkin, and other ingredients that can be used to make different meals. Of course, you also need your own kitchen.

Other customization additions include the ability to add ceiling decorations to your home, more fences, increased ceilings for bridges and slopes, and theme walls. Froggy Chair has also been added to the updated version, which is the most exciting thing.

Happy Homeland: Premium DLC Extension

In a very cool “Sims-Build-Mode-type” type extension, players will be able to “start work” and design holiday houses for their characters. You will be prompted based on the characters’ personalities, and you can build and design their homes to make them feel satisfied.

You can share your design online, you will even get “paid” for your work, or you can buy some rare items for your island.

“Assemble! “Animal Crossing Friends Club Happy Home Paradise” will be officially launched on November 5, priced at US$24.99 (about 103 ringgits and 95 cents); Nintendo’s e-shop will start pre-order activities on October 29; if you purchase a Nintendo Switch Online+ expansion pack, its personal membership fee is 49.99 US dollars per year (approximately RM207 93 cents), and the family membership fee is 79.99 US dollars per year (approximately RM332 72 cents). You will receive the “Happy Family Paradise” DLC as a reward. The expansion pack also includes several Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games.

Nintendo previously announced the cafe The Roost on Twitter. Many fans also speculated that a gyroscope would be added to the game, and it turns out that they are 100% correct.


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