Assess “COVID” to the Spanish flu. the similar epidemic But covid is heavier simply because?

Professor.Dr.Teera Woratanarat School of Medication Chulalongkorn College or Health practitioner Thira” facebook article Thira Woratanarat to the covid scenario in Thailand, together with toughness Spanish flu a “Covid” Even though the epidemic is the identical The current clinical evolution is a great deal better. But the price of infection amongst men and women around the entire world is identical. “Covid” Contrary to the common cold or flu that

for the predicament “Covid” all over the globe nowadays uncovered The cumulative an infection level has exceeded 600 million… it took about 2 years and 9 months yesterday worldwide, introducing 624,379 people today, 1,145 a lot more deaths, a total of 600,218,960 men and women, 6,470,506 deaths, leading 5 infected people. Japan, South Korea, Russia, Italy and Taiwan yesterday noted the range of new bacterial infections, with countries from Europe and Asia accounting for 7 of the leading 10 and 14 of the top 20 in the earth. The range of new infections each and every working day in the world now. from Asia and Europe jointly accounted for 89.69 per cent of the entire world, when the range of fatalities accounted for 71.35%.

epidemic scenario “Covid” Thailand uncovered from Worldometer information this morning that the selection of fatalities yesterday was 14th maximum in the globe and 6th in Asia, whilst the Thai Ministry of Health has modified the reporting technique from 1 May possibly until eventually the quantity of stories is lessened massive

Professor Assoc Dr. Teera even further that comparison Spanish flu a “Covid” Spanish flu This is considered to be the most significant scenario in the previous. By infecting about 500 million men and women, it took about 2 decades and 2 months between February 1918 and April 1920, though COVID-19… (not standard flu. and not the flu) is greater than the flu. With the most current studies these days, it has exceeded 600 million, working with 2 many years and 9 months. Let’s appear at the period when Covid-19 touched 500 million people. It was observed that all over April 9, 2022, if close to the time period of time, is The 1st case in the environment was observed. Uncovered in November 2019, that is about 2 yrs and 5 months.

It will be noted that the period of time of up to 500 million people. “Covid” as very well as the flu But do not forget that the intervals have been various for 100 yrs. Advances in drugs, cleanliness, know-how, and more are a great deal increased than in the past. But the outcomes for infection were not that distinct. One particular motive that can be discussed is populace density and social environmental aspects these kinds of as harmful life

However, the effects are pretty distinct involving the earlier and the existing the amount of fatalities The Spanish flu time period is estimated to bring about about 17-50 million deaths, while the Covid-19 era is a peak of 500 million, with 6.2 million drug and vaccine relevant fatalities. together with health care science and engineering

of issue is COVID-19 It did not prevent at 500 million, but the epidemic continued. as a final result of viral mutations of the people’s way of living and self-defense This features wellness injustices that manifest and that disrupt entry to crucial products and services that are typical, insufficient, or of bad quality, such as analysis mechanisms , treatment, prevention and social aid.

with the current circumstance in Thailand Daily new infections are even now pretty high. The loss of life toll is continually rated amid the top rated in Asia and the Top 10-20 in the world. reflects that we notice that self-defense in the course of day to day existence is critical.

Tutorial circles all around the environment are not only nervous about an infection, health issues and loss of life, but a lengthy-expression trouble like Extended COVID is a Pandora’s box that does not want the jackpot to happen. mainly because there is not plenty of info about precipitation And there is no particular treatment but. Vaccination cuts down the possibility of Very long COVID by about 15%, so the ideal way is a usual preventive lifestyle Carrying a mask correctly is crucial.

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