Asset Disclosure Lee Bok-hyeon, head of the Financial Supervisory Service, earned 1.8 billion, Kang Seok-hoon, chairman of KDB, 2.8 billion

Chairman Kang holds 200 million worth of domestic stocks won… Kim Chang-ki, Commissioner of the National Tax Service, said 2.8 billion was won

Director of the Financial Supervision Service Lee Bok-hyeon said that assets worth 1 billion were gained.

According to the data released by the Official Government Ethics Committee on the 23rd in the Official Gazette for high-ranking public officials appointed in June, the property reported by President Lee is in the name of himself and his spouse is 1.867.31 billion won.

Among them, the real estate is 1.98 billion won in an apartment (132.16 m²) in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, jointly owned by Lee and his spouse.

Total assets in the form of deposits (including children’s names) 264.79 million won, of which 83.31 million has been won in the name of the director and 124.19 million won in the name of the spouse.

He reported two vehicles, a 2010 Genesis and a 2020 GV80 (total vehicle value of 59.48 million won).

The debt totaled 436.96 million won, including a bank loan of 32.86 million won and a spouse’s personal debt of 104.1 million won.

[재산공개]    Bok-hyeon Lee, president of the Financial Supervisory Service, won 1.8 billion, Seok-hoon Kang, chairman of KDB, 2.8 billion

Development Bank of Korea Chairman Kang Seok-hoon reported that assets worth 2.888.4 billion won, including domestic stocks worth 200 million won.

The apartment (171.04㎡) in Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, held in the joint name of the person and the spouse, is 1.8 billion won, and the deposit type property in the name of the person and the spouse is 728.99 won a million.

In addition, he has a 2013 K9 car (vehicle worth 13.79 million won) and a membership to the Kumho Resort golf course worth 80 million won.

In addition, Chairman Kang said that he and his family own 234.32 million won the value of listed stocks.

These include Lotte Shopping (300 shares), Lotte Holdings (1,000 shares), Samsung C&T (200 shares), Samsung Biologics (21 shares), Samsung Electronics (300 shares), Woori Financial Group ( 300 shares), Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (KOSPO) 150 shares), Hyundai Doosan Infracore (1,000 shares), and Hyundai Motor (160 shares) included in the stocks of large domestic conglomerates.

Kim Chang-gi, head of the National Tax Service, said 2.88 billion was earned as belonging to himself, his wife, and his three sons.

At the end of last year, when he retired as the head of the Busan Regional Tax Office, his property reported an increase of 765.05 million won from 2.117.62 billion won.

The change in the value of the flats, etc. was 729,800,000 won.

The price of an apartment (84.94㎡) in Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, under the joint name of you and your spouse, is 2.176 billion won, your own deposit is 477.32 million win, your spouse’s deposit is 161.57 million. , and the deposits of your three sons are 8,351,000,000 won, etc.

He had also earned 500 million in bank debt in his name.

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