Assistance to IDPs 2023 – what will change from October 1 – who may lose payments

October 01, 2023, 07:00

Due to the war that Russia started, many Ukrainians were forced to leave for safer regions and become internally displaced persons. The state provides them with financial assistance, but in September a Cabinet of Ministers resolution came into force, changing the procedure for assigning and extending accommodation payments for IDPs. Some of the displaced people lost the right to payments, writes “1+1”.


According to the new rules, in October, migrants who:

purchased a new car (the production year of which is less than 5 years old), with the exception of cases where the car was purchased by volunteers and transferred for the needs of the country’s defense; purchased a plot of land, an apartment or a house for an amount exceeding 100 thousand hryvnia (with the exception of housing obtained at the expense of the state or local budget); have more than 100 thousand hryvnia in their bank deposit account; purchased foreign currency or bank metals in the amount of more than 100 thousand hryvnia, except for cases when this currency was received from charitable organizations or was purchased to pay for medical, social or educational services; have their own housing located outside the territories where hostilities are actively taking place or where there is occupation, if this housing has an area of ​​more than 13.65 square meters per family member; were abroad for more than 30 calendar days in a row without justified documented reasons (justified reasons include business trips, internships, medical examinations, caring for a sick child, etc.); returned to their previous place of residence; are serving a sentence in prison or have been convicted of collaboration.

If social services decide to terminate payments, individuals will be additionally notified of this. The decision may be challenged.

What is the amount of benefits for IDPs from October 1

Those internally displaced persons who retained the right to payment continue to receive benefits from the state in the amount of:

3000 UAH for persons with disabilities and children; 2000 UAH hryvnia for other persons.

Along with the change in the Procedure for providing assistance to internally displaced persons, the Procedure for registration and issuance of a certificate of registration of IDPs was also updated. Let us remind you who can receive IDP status now.

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