Association of Journalists Chairman Chen Longsheng left Hong Kong for the UK today, saying he will return to Hong Kong in six months and hope to continue reporting the truth

Association of Journalists Chairman Chen Longsheng left Hong Kong for the UK today, saying he will return to Hong Kong in six months and hope to continue reporting the truth

The chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Journalists and deputy director of Channel C online media interviews, Chen Langsheng, announced on social platforms a few days ago that he will be leaving Hong Kong to go to the Reuters Institute at Oxford University in the United Kingdom to participate in the Scholars Programme, and it is planned to go on the plane tonight (29th). When he met reporters at the airport, he described his emotions as mixed emotions, but stressed that he would return to Hong Kong in six months, hoping to bring back the experience of excellent journalists from all over the world, “As the we can face the complex and changing environment of Hong Kong in the future, we will always be Journalists in Hong Kong still have to stay in Hong Kong and continue to report the truth, the facts.”

Chen Langsheng arrived at the airport in the afternoon and was surrounded by a large number of reporters. He said the plan to leave Hong Kong was brewing at the end of last year. At that time, after the “Stance News” ended, “everyone was in despair and had nothing to do.” , to describe the mood “mixed with joy and sadness”. He would have a break in Bangkok, then a two-day break in London before going to Oxford. He pointed out that he was still concerned about the press freedom efforts made by the Association of Journalists during the past year, and that he hoped the media would continue to report more in the future.

He said the Scholars Program will last for half a year, and he hopes to see more in Oxford. “Bring the experience of excellent experts from different countries of the world back to Hong Kong, so that we can face the complex and changing environment in the future.” He repeatedly stressed that he would return to Hong Kong. Hong Kong, “I often say that life in the UK can be very simple, and Hong Kong people are easy to adapt to, but whether people want to live there for a long time depends on whether they remember Hong Kong . I think that’s true for me.”

When asked if he was worried about being able to get on the plane smoothly, he said it was normal, “cook it until it’s buried and eat it”, “I think, in Hong Kong today, it this is a very interesting and quiet situation. Before 2019, remember The chairman of the society has always been a highly respected position by the society, and there will be no debate about going to further education, but not the the truth is that I have noticed that many people criticize me on the Internet, saying that I am “browsing”, I do not know where to go, and there is no argument. It happened inevitably, and only with a heart normal thing I can face. To be honest, I said from the beginning that I would come back, and I didn’t hide anything. I did my best to tell everyone about the situation.”

He said he would actually answer questions about the situation in Hong Kong, but admitted that his future return to Hong Kong would be limited and affected by the current laws in Hong Kong, and he would have considerations and considerations , “I will win” t do things that are too high risk, I will try my best to talk about it. Going out is not complete freedom? You can talk. ” He sighed again, “My successful departure is the best result for all parties.”

In the end, he emotionally mentioned that he would miss his wife, “The most troublesome, the most troublesome is the wife, let’s go. I mean, I haven’t tried it for more than ten years. I went i on a trip from It’s very uncomfortable for him to stay by his side and stay in Hong Kong.”

Before Chen Longsheng left Hong Kong, he was accused of being stopped by the police and refusing to show his ID when he was near the MacPherson Stadium in Mong Kok earlier this month to interview the Long Ping Village owners’ meeting. The case was brought to the West Kowloon Magistrates Court on the 22nd, Bail was granted at 20,000 in cash and no restrictions were set out, The case was adjourned until April 25 next year.

In addition, Chen Longsheng was also involved in driving a private car in a red light in July last year and was charged with a summons of “failure to follow traffic light instructions”. He was convicted in the Kowloon City Magistrates Court. Court at noon today and fined $2,000.

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