Association of Thai Retailers Pop special project Encouraging entrepreneurs to employ people with disabilities

Thai Retailers Association MOU Ministry of Social Development Launch of CYFLE i Frind project: A Friend to the Disabled, supporting 92 retailers to hire people with disabilities to reduce inequality.

Mr. Yol Phokasub ChairmanThai Retailers Association reveal that the association has signed a memorandum of understanding in collaboration with the Department of Empowerment and Development of the Lives of People with Disabilities The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security driving togetherCYFLE i Frind Project: Friend for the Disabled (Chance for Friends)

encourage the government, the private and public sectors to Participate in strengthening organizations with disabilities through the model “1 care company, 1 disabled organisation” which is the first integration in Thailand to help Reduce occupational inequality and increase income for people with disabilities.

by providing employment opportunities and supporting career promotion programs for people with disabilities who have the potential and ability to reintegrate into society Support and promote product development marketing information and distribution channels for organizations with disabilities, etc.

92 member companies of the association have shown their intention to join the project to continuously promote and develop the quality of life of people with disabilities in various aspects. Will jointly extend the results of said collaboration to be concrete for the benefit of the project’s objectives, which include

1. Provide employment opportunities and support career promotion projects for people with disabilities who have the potential to return to society Get a career and income to support yourself and your family. Not a burden on society

2. Add additional value to the product. by developing and upgrading the product to meet market requirements Under the project CHANCE for Friend: Friend for Disabled (Opportunities for Friends) and distributing products to reach consumers more widely by supporting distribution channels. through members of the Thai Retailers Association

3. Promote a good and sustainable society by using waste materials to recycle and upcycle to create something new and valuable. By switching to equipment that is necessary for people with disabilities. which helps people with disabilities to have a better quality of life and to protect the environment as well

by the career promotion project for members of the Association of Disabled Retailers, such as Lotus, brings unused shopping carts to be converted – repaired into wheelchairs for people with disabilities, BJC Group invites customers to donate aluminum drink cans Minium to produce prosthetic legs under the Prostheses Foundation under the project “Change Waste to Merit” when you circulate.”

Association of Thai Retailers Pop special project Encouraging entrepreneurs to employ people with disabilities

Central Group has opened the “Thai Watsadu Contact Center for the Disabled” at the Redemptorist Institute for the Development of People with Disabilities. Chonburi Province By employing disabled people as call center staff to answer calls from customers. and a project to hire wheelchair mechanics from technicians with disabilities by bringing old wheelchairs to be repaired into new wheelchairs for people with disabilities. In addition, the members of the Mae association have also joined the government to invite them to recycle-upcycle waste into necessary equipment for people with disabilities.

“The society places importance on reducing inequality in society. and ready to join all sectors seriously promoting careers and employing people with disabilities In the past, the association has supported until concrete results have been achieved. and strive to do that continuously better than before to create a good quality of life for Thai society leading to the development of the economy and the nation for sustainable growth”


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