Assunta Mareska, the first woman leader of the ‘Comora Mafia’, has died

Rome: Assunta Mareska, the first woman leader and former beauty queen of Italy’s Camora gang, has died at the age of 86. He died at his home near Pompeii. Was ill.

At the age of 18, her husband’s killer was shot dead in broad daylight in downtown Naples. When she was six months pregnant, she killed Antonio Esposito, the head of the Comora. Two months after the marriage began, her husband, Pascual Simone, was killed.

Mareska was also known by the nicknames Little Doll and Puppet. In 1953, she won a local beauty pageant. Mareska, who was arrested after killing Esposito, gave birth to the baby while in prison. After returning from a 14-year prison sentence, he later starred in a film. While living with her son, she married Umberto Ammaturo, a drug dealer. But Ammaduro reportedly killed his 18-year-old son. Again, Mareska has been arrested in several murder cases.



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