Home Business “Astin” indicates that the real estate market in the 4th quarter has started to rejuvenate to open the country Wade to open the horizontal line to receive real demand.

“Astin” indicates that the real estate market in the 4th quarter has started to rejuvenate to open the country Wade to open the horizontal line to receive real demand.

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“Astin” indicates that the real estate market in the 4th quarter has started to rejuvenate to open the country Wade to open the horizontal line to receive real demand.

Mr. Pornchai Krisdavorakul, Managing Director of Astin Estate Company Limited, a quality real estate developer that focuses on design details. Along with living innovations that provide the most benefits for city life, revealed that the overall real estate market assessment in the last quarter of 2021 has started to become more active. According to the confidence of homebuyers who started to return. After the number of new cases and deaths from COVID-19 began to decline steadily since the beginning of October onwards as well as the private sector began to signal the move forward in business and began to open to work at the office This is in line with the government that has begun to relax the latest round of lockdown measures. including open plans “Bangkok Sandbox” welcomes tourists from 10 countries without quarantine on November 1, 64.

“Looking at the overall atmosphere, it became more relaxed. after the domestic vaccination rate began to cover and the number of people infected with COVID-19 The new ones started to decline steadily. while the government started to have measures to stimulate the economy either easing lockdown measures or even opening “Bangkok Sandbox” is a good sign and positively affects the overall economy of the country in the last quarter of this year will improve. It will also help stimulate and draw more real estate purchasing power back into the market. It is seen that the low-rise market is still a group that can recover faster than the condominium market. Because this group has a real need to buy for living.”

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Therefore, according to the strategic plan during the last curve of 2021, Astin Estate continues to launch a new project worth 900 million baht, namely the “VERITZ) Sathupradit 34 Luxury Project. Townhome and home office, size 4 floors, on a potential location. In the heart of Rama 3 city, a location that can easily connect to the business district. Under the concept of revealing the identity of superior living through every period of outstanding living The ultimate ideal of relaxation in the heart of Rama 3 to a classic luxury house with a modern touch (Classical Modernity) inspired by Avenue Montaigne, luxury accommodation and shops in a classic, traditional Parisian atmosphere.

The highlight of the project is its location on a prime location in the Sathupradit-Rama 3 area, which is a high potential location and suitable for long-term residence. The project is only 950 meters from Central Rama 3, with the convenience of traveling only 700 meters from the Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway, only 4 kilometers from the Sathorn intersection and 7 kilometers from the Asoke intersection, which the project also offers exclusive privacy privileges. 32 families, starting price 20.9 – 26 million baht*

Veritz (VERITZ) Sathupradit 34 has 2 house designs to choose from: VICTOR, the classic luxury and elegance. Through a design that emphasizes the width of the living space is superior to other luxury houses in the same style. 400 square meters, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 multipurpose room and 2-3 parking spaces live Usable area size 340 square meters, 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 family area, 1 multipurpose room and 2 parking spaces.

Mr. Pornchai said that although the real estate market has faced pressure from the mining situation of the Covid-19 virus epidemic in the past. But the needs of customers in the location zone “Sathupradit-Rama 3″ still has a high volume. which believes that Veritz (VERITZ) Sathupradit 34 will have good feedback from customers. because the company meticulous and attention to detail In order to provide the ultimate satisfaction and deliver the ultimate living value, security, and tranquility in the midst of an exclusive society of privacy for VERITZ customers, Sathupradit 34 is also the first project that indicates the new identity of ” Astin Estate” under a corporate rebranding plan earlier this year.

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For those who are looking for a townhome located in the heart of Sathupradit-Rama 3 area, prepare to meet with the Pre-Sale of Veritz (VERITZ) Sathupradit 34 between October 30-31, 2021 or ask for information. More projects can be found at number: 092-321-7888 LINE ID: @astinestate or https://lin.ee/GpnJh3Jwww.astinestate.com

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