Astonished and saddened by Biden Rushdie’s assault… Emphasis on liberty of expression

Canadian Primary Minister Trudeau condemns EU foreign minister Borrell

US President Joe Biden re-emphasised freedom of expression and American values ​​of freedom of expression on the 13th (neighborhood time), expressing shock above the assault on British creator Salman Rushdie, who is popular for his novel ‘Devil’s Poem’.

“I am stunned and saddened by the vicious assault on Rushdi,” Biden stated in a assertion.

He observed that Rushdie, whose insight into human modern society, unparalleled sense of tale, and rejection of worry and silence, symbolized important and common beliefs.

He also referred to truth, bravery, strength, resilience, and the skill to share strategies with out concern.

“We reaffirm our dedication to American values ​​in solidarity with Rushdi and all supporters of flexibility of expression.”

Canadian Key Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned on Twitter that the attack was an assault on flexibility of expression and that “no a person should be threatened or harmed based on what they wrote.”

The Superior Consultant for International and Stability Plan of the European Union (EU) Rousseff Borrell also wrote on Twitter that he strongly condemned the assault, stating, “The worldwide rejection of such criminal acts that violate elementary legal rights and freedoms is a move toward a extra tranquil globe. That’s the only way,” he stated.

Rushdie endured severe injuries to his neck and abdomen with a knife in the course of a lecture in Shutterquay, New York the day before, and underwent crisis surgical treatment.

However, he is nevertheless on a ventilator and is predicted to lose one particular eye, a nerve in his arm and problems to his liver.

The attacker, Hadi Matar, was billed with tried 2nd diploma murder.

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