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“AstraZeneca vaccine weakens the effect of preventing mutations in South Africa”

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Foreign media reports that AstraZeneca’s novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine has limited preventive effect on mutations originating in South Africa (South Africa).


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According to reports from Reuters and the Financial Times (FT) on the 6th (local time), the University of Oxford in the UK and the University of Bittersland in South Africa conducted phase 1 and 2 trials on 2026 people. It was found that the inoculation method did not prevent the development of mild and moderate symptoms due to South African mutation.

In addition, the researchers added that the effect of preventing the severe, hospitalization or death caused by the mutation in South Africa could not be determined yet.

It is reported that none of the clinical trial participants have been hospitalized or died. The median age of participants in the clinical trial was 31.

AstraZeneca also told Reuters, “In the initial data of small-scale phase 1 and 2 trials, the effect of our vaccine was limited in mild cases where mutations originated in South Africa were the main cause.” Has not been properly checked.”

However, this clinical trial is limited in its small size, and the paper has not yet gone through peer review, an expert review process.

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