‘Astro Planet’, a famous Japanese baseball team. Prepare to accept Thai children to progress to the professional league

‘Astro Planet’, a famous Japanese baseball team. Prepare to accept Thai children to progress to the professional league

Ms. Sirinee Kantha, executive officer of B-Side Sports Company Limited and baseball representative of Thailand Received an international collaboration with the Estro Planet Club to promote the sport of baseball with a goal. creating opportunities for baseball players General athletes interested in participating in professional sports in Japan Under a project called “Baseball Tryouts Thailand” on September 18, 2022

Mr. Kajondej Apichattrakul Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Tokyo Office, together with Ms Sirinee Kantha, executive of B-Side Sports Company Limited and representative of Thai baseball. travel to attend the opening ceremony and ready to distribute tuk-tuk Tourism Authority of Thailand Symbol and has been promoted by the Ministry of Tourism In the last game of the 2nd day Astro Planet team against Shinano Nagano.

Ms. Sirinee Kantha revealed that she was very grateful and honored. had this opportunity Baseball in Thailand has been around for a long time but has not been very popular. and would like to see Thai children become interested in sports even more baseball Current baseball performance for current domestic baseball players. My dream is to join the national team. and in the end he was a national team athlete, but unable to establish himself at a professional level, players and coaches, including international referees who can promote income for athletes and promote tourism in Thailand who can come and continue to practice in Thailand

“We have started the Thailand Baseball Tryouts project. This project will be the first project to be built. and expanding the athlete base in the country even more is the next step to allow athletes to see play baseball after this They can practice and develop skills until they can reach the next professional level.”

for the baseball player selection program to join the estroplanet club will be held in Thailand Between December 10-11, 2022 at the Chaloem Phrakiat Khlong Hok Stadium (Baseball Stadium) promoted by the Department of Physical Education , the Sports Authority of Thailand, the Sports Development Fund, the Federation of National Sports Associations (FONSA), as well as many private companies. In preparation for this event Come cheer and encourage young Thai people to raise the level and prepare them for professional baseball. including many activities If you are interested, contact for more details on FB page: Beside Sports Tel 099-824-1465

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