ASUS Gundam Motherboard “ROG Maximus XII Extreme Gundam”, not the Federation

Image: ASUS

It’s not the unfamiliar circuit that Tem Ray had.

ASUSof”The biggest ROG Extreme Gundam 12As you can seeE-ATX motherboard with RX-78 Gundam tricolor color panelis. Among the many Gundam collaboration items, it can be said that it is a considerable talent.

Image: ASUS

After allpriceIs amazing. RMB 9,999 (About 157,000 yen) I will.You can also display your favorite graphic in the center of the cover.OLED displayIs also attached. why.

The specifications of the motherboard itself areThe highest peak in the Intel systemIt can be said that. The chipset is Z490, which is fully compatible with the latest generation Core CPU.It’s said that there is no pilot who does not overclock instead of magnet coating with this guySo, not only the CPU but also the power regulator module is water-cooled, and the memory is also compatible with overclocking DDR4 4800MHz.

It supports MULTI-GPU SLI / CFX as a matter of course, and M.2 SSD also has a large color panel and a high cooling effect. What’s the point of having four slots?

Image: ASUS

It supports 10Gb wired LAN & Wi-Fi 6 and comes with a Thunderbolt 3 terminal expansion board. This is a motherboard that specializes in speed.

Unfortunately, it will only be sold in the Chinese market.Moreover150 limitedThat’s why. Will there be any Japanese people who can use this guy best?

Source: ASUS

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