Asus launches gaming-based ROG Ally PC handheld

(TGN Thanks Good News) Asus, a leading brand in the global consumer laptop and gaming laptop market, officially launched ROG Ally, a next-generation gaming handheld, in Korea.

ROG Ally is the first to feature AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme, which delivers the best performance in a handheld game machine. AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme is based on Zen 4 architecture combined with graphics based on AMD RDNA 3 architecture, with 8 cores, 16 threads and up to 8.6 teraflops of graphics processing power, providing gaming performance that can play games AAA at 60 FPS. . As a display, a 7-inch 120㎐ (1080p) full HD resolution touchscreen panel was installed, and AMD FreeSync Premium technology was applied to reduce lag and screen tearing. It supports brightness up to 500 nits, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The operating system adopts Windows 11 to maximize compatibility. It supports major game platforms such as Steam, EA app, Xbox Game Pass, and Epic Games Store, so you can enjoy a variety of games anytime, anywhere without restrictions, and through the game library Armory Crate SE (Amoury Crate Special Edition ) software, all You can easily access and manage your games. Additionally, with Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, you can reliably access cloud gaming services anytime, anywhere.

The ergonomically designed body has high portability with a light weight of 608g. It is designed with a comfortable angle and curved handle to provide the best possible grip, and a textured design is applied to reduce slipping. Buttons, joysticks and direction keys are located on top of the body for convenient operation.

It also supports connection to various external devices to provide a variety of gaming environments. Through the optional ‘ROG 65W Gaming Charging Dock’, you can output to an external display, and you can also enjoy multiplayer games by connecting additional controllers. In addition, it is compatible with XG Mobile external graphics with maximum GPU performance Nvidia GeForce RTX ™ 4090, so it runs smoothly any high-end game.

The domestic release price of the version equipped with AMD Ryzen ™ Z1 Extreme is 999,000 won, and shipping will start consecutively from June 13th. Each buyer will receive a free 3-month pass for Microsoft’s Xbox game pass, which can be purchased at 11th Street, G Market, Auction, and ASUS official store.

Meanwhile, product-related details can be found on ASUS’ official website.


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