ASUS ROG announces “ROG Ally” portable gaming PC? A Windows 11 machine that runs AAA class games and can be expanded with an external GPU | for the latest gaming and entertainment information

ASUS ROG gaming brand has announced the “ROG Ally” portable gaming PC.

I’m not sure how true it is that it was announced on April 1st, but ROG Ally is a gaming machine that will compete with Valve’s Steam Deck. Equipped with a dedicated APU co-developed with AMD, it will reportedly run AAA (blockbuster) games. Also, when used at home, etc., it seems that the performance can be upgraded by connecting the ROG XG Mobile EGPU (this is an existing product).

Although the price and the worrying specifications have not been revealed, the product page on Best Buy, a major retailer in the US, and Windows 11 and Game Pass, Microsoft’s flat rate service, have been confirmed to be available there too. content.

Also in the announcement videoraised beast hunter“or”Dying Light 2 Staying Human]and other real life games, so if it was a joke, they would think permission was carefully obtained, but what is the truth?


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