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On date 9 of the Chile – Betsson Championship 2023 tournament, Coquimbo U. was victorious on his visit to O’Higgins. The goals for the visitor were made by Fabián Carmona (37′ 2T) and Rubén Farfán (41′ 2T).

A great play by Coquimbo U., 41 minutes into the second half, was the one that moved the score thanks to Rubén Farfán. After an individual move on the right, the midfielder took a mid-distance shot that left the rival goalkeeper without a chance. Great goal on the right post!

The stick saved both teams from shots by Rodrigo Holgado for Coquimbo Unido and striker Esteban Moreira for O’Higgins.

Despite O’Higgins having the advantage in shots (23 to 11), it was not enough and he was defeated by Coquimbo Unido. Of the total number of shots, 12 were targeted, 1 was deflected off the post and 10 ended up wide.

The best player of the match was Fabián Carmona. The Coquimbo Unido midfielder scored 1 goal and made 4 key passes.

Matías Marín was another of the key players. The O’Higgins midfielder was accurate with 64 effective passes, stole 3 balls and searched for the opposite goal 4 times.

It was a game with many frictions due to the offenses committed in the open field. There were several cautioned: Nicolás Thaller, Dylan Glaby, Valentín Larralde and Nicolás Rivera. He was sent off for a direct red card, Pablo De Muner in the 77th minute of the second half.

O’Higgins’ manager, Pablo De Muner, proposed a 4-4-2 formation with Ignacio González in goal; Fabián Hormazábal, Diego González, Nicolás Thaller and Brian Torrealba on the defensive line; Diego Fernández, Valentín Larralde, Facundo Castro and Matías Marín in the middle; and Arnaldo Castillo and Esteban Moreira in attack.

For its part, Fernando Díaz’s team took to the field with a 4-5-1 scheme with Diego Sánchez under the three sticks; Dylan Escobar, Salvador Sánchez, Diego Carrasco and Juan Cornejo in defense; Sebastián Galani, Dylan Glaby, Rubén Farfán, Benjamín Chandia and Luciano Cabral in midfield; and Rodrigo Holgado up front.

The referee Francisco Gilabert was in charge of supervising the game in the World Cup.

On the following date, O’Higgins will face U. La Calera as a visitor, while Coquimbo U. will play at home against Ñublense.

With this result, the host of the match reaches 9 points and is in eleventh place. For its part, the visiting team remains at 16 units and is in third place in the tournament.

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