At its height, a woman died suddenly and parents rushed to burn a husband to investigate until they knew the truth. more heartbroken than ever

Heartbroken husband, wife separated for 2 months, sudden death The more I research, the more shocked I am. A man claiming to be his own name led him to have an abortion. Finally, the mother-in-law agreed to reveal the truth. he fainted more heavily than before

it became a heartbreaking story After a man from China heard the news that his wife, who had been separated from him for two months, had died suddenly despite her good health. Also, the woman’s parents hastily cremated her body. made him suspicious Even knowing the whole thing made him fall. more heartbroken than ever

Previously, on July 7, 2022, Mr. Lu and his wife Who lives in Shaanxi Province, China, caused a dispute. Mr. Lu could not control his emotions. and slapped the other side making the woman very angry. She took her two daughters to her parents’ house. That was the last time Mr. Lu saw his wife.

No one expected, after only two months of separation, one day Mr. The news suddenly broke that his wife had died. He immediately went straight to his wife’s parents’ house. But when he arrived, he met with many unbelievable events. Ultimately, he must seek the help of a journalist to uncover the truth.

Mr Lu revealed that he and his wife opened a motorcycle repair shop together, although it was hard work, but the income was enough to support the family without difficulty.

Until one day, the two were arguing. His wife was very rude. So he couldn’t hold back his temper. and he raised his hand to strike her. Afterwards, his wife showed signs of anger. and packed to go to her parents’ house

Which at the time didn’t bother much. Because I think it’s 2 more days when you can calm down. she will come back

Even two months later, the woman’s uncle suddenly came to see Mr Lu. and he said his wife was dead. and asked him to look at her face for the last time

Such frightening news meant that Mr. Lu understood what had happened. because his wife is very well How did he leave her so quickly?

He immediately made his way to the funeral home. and he found that the woman’s parents were cremating her body. Mr Lu didn’t even get a chance to see his wife’s body.

Mr revealed Lu also said that Mr. When he arrived at the funeral, his wife’s relatives were in great grief. but when he saw him Everyone deliberately avoided him. who thought it very strange that they refused to inform the cause of his wife’s death So he decided to call the police.

The police called him the next day. And he informed the results of the investigation that his wife did not commit suicide or commit suicide but died of an accident during an abortion making him break his heart Blame yourself for not knowing that your wife is pregnant. Otherwise, he would never quarrel with her. and he would not let his wife go back to her parents-in-law’s house

However, Mr. Lu wonders why his wife had to have an abortion. So he goes to the hospital to find out.

As soon as he went to the hospital Doctors and nurses looked at him with strange eyes, and some asked why another Mr Lu had come. And he said the hospital had transferred 550,000 yuan (about 2.7 million baht) of compensation into the account.

As a man, Mr. Not much about this issue. Furthermore According to information from the hospital staff the woman had an abortion while only 40 days pregnant, but Mr Lu and his wife were separated for more than 2 months. How could they have children? Then who took the money?

Hospital officials said a man in his 30s had come here, claiming to be Lu. He was talking to his wife’s parents. and takes care of his wife. The two said they were husband and wife. And the man also signed a consent form for the surgery.

Based on that information, Mr. Pretty sure someone is imitating him. And the woman’s parents also know everything. Because they have their signatures on them.

Lu and the reporter went to his wife’s parents’ house to ask about the matter. but as soon as he saw him he was fired by the woman’s parents. and reproached him badly

Finally, with the help of journalists The woman’s parents agree to sit and talk to them. And in the end they tell the whole truth.

The woman’s mother said that the daughter and son-in-law often quarreled. At first I didn’t think much of it. because there are some couples like that too, but in July they fight again Since then, my daughter has returned home. But still returns to her husband 2-3 times, but their relationship does not improve.

Later, the girl learned that she was pregnant. But because of the intention to divorce so wanted to have an abortion She and her husband respected their daughter’s decision. So he went on quietly. not wanting the son-in-law to know

They asked their daughter’s friend to pretend he was her husband. in order to have an abortion Who would have thought that the girl would die? When the hospital confirmed it was a medical accident So they called to inform their son-in-law. But no matter how many times I called, I didn’t answer. So they were very angry. and decided not to give compensation to his son-in-law

After knowing the whole truth Mr Lu expressed remorse and heavy pain. The woman’s parents were also repentant. so the son-in-law forgave In the end Mr Lu took his two daughters home to continue raising them.

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