At the end of the threat, the first rank said; ‘I will not go to Kerala Varma’ – Threatening call from cpm pro teachers | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Thrissur ∙ ‘They call constantly and threateningly. I was mentally exhausted. Even the family is afraid.’ This is a WhatsApp message sent by a professor who is ranked first in the rank list of visiting professor of political science of Kerala Varma College to another professor.

The content of the messages is that 2 teachers from Kerala Varma are constantly threatening and have written a letter refusing to appoint the former leader of the SFI who was second in the rank list. The teacher also says that she had to send the letter of not joining the work to Kerala Varma College because of fear. There is a case in court that the head of the department abused and made obscene gestures to another female teacher who opposed the attempt to insert the leader second place.

The interview for the appointment of a visiting professor took place on May 28. The former SFI leader was unable to respond to any of the subject expert’s questions. The head of department gave him full marks but he got second place. The head of department wrote to the headteacher claiming that the subject specialist had asked the questions in a biased manner. The headteacher also refused to sign the rank list.

The subject expert Dr., who is also a professor in the same college, wanted to investigate external interference in the appointment. Jewell John Allapat filed a complaint with the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor. A committee appointed by the headteacher has investigated and submitted a report but no action has been taken.

English Summary: Kerala varma college guest teacher list 1st rank holder getting threatening calls from cpm pro teachers

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