At the end of the year, Chuwit reveals a picture of the “Du Hao” gang and promises to develop until he finds a new commissioner.

31 December 2022 Chuvit Kamolwisit Mr former politician Still moving forward to expose Tao’s Chinese capital group. of Chainat Mr Korn Chayanan or Black Hao Ongoing, recently posted a picture with information stating it is an interior picturecasino which is 1 in 4 of Mr Du Hao’s network, that the camera will mark the date before the raid takes place Jin Long Inn Only 1 week since Mr Chuwit has stated that

There is no casino in Bangkok?

Photo inside the casino, one of the four under Mr. Du Hao’s “China Tao” network. There was a full stack of Thai money in the camera chip exchange counter, indicating on October 19, just 1 week before the “Jinling” incident, Mr. Du Hao and the same evil nephew. walk to check Go in and out inside the currency exchange room.

In the role of the former Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police who acted in an invasive manner, “Jin Ling” will show his first performance on the job, but he encounters a “strange plan” and is put on the job.

not met But to find much more difficult is the “drug” of the Chinese Tao network that has been doing it for a long time. So I didn’t behave properly, I didn’t know how to do the case.

Chuvit opens a picture of a casino gang "Black Hao" He will disclose until he finds a new commissioner.

The closest subordinates are hungry for money. Call to accept Chinese Tao money in exchange for a luxury car in the center of Yannawa Police Station again, called “bad luck, karma repeated”

Where the story of “China Tao” has been revealed since July Until the night of firecrackers broke on October 26 in Jinling, I would like to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Let’s welcome the new year. Become a good citizen in Bangkok Capital for traveling brothers and sisters

After the new year, you will have to see me manifesting again until the election. And it will topple the Bangkok vote. to see who did what until they found a new “Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police” who was working to protect Bangkok

New Year’s Eve today Prepare to celebrate the situation after the new year.

Chuvit opens a picture of a casino gang "Black Hao" He will disclose until he finds a new commissioner.

Source: Facebook: Chuvit Kamolwisit