At the job party, salaries are government-owned; Secretary to the Staff President of the Minister

Thiruvananthapuram: The personal staff of Forest Minister AK Sasindran works in the office of the NCP state president. Biju Abel Jacob, Additional Private Secretary, and Staffangam Vinod are working with the state president PC Chacko based in Kochi on government salaries. Biju is PC Chacko’s personal secretary and Vinod is his driver.

The two were included in the minister’s personal staff on the instructions of PC Chacko. Biju, who accompanied PC Chacko to the NCP, was also appointed party state secretary. Meanwhile, there are allegations in the party that the final decision on matters related to the minister’s office and relocation is made from Kochi.

English Summary: PC Chacko’s staffs getting Government Salary



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