At the sight of the deputy chief. Call for money – revoke, freeze account of drug traffickers : PPTVHD36

“Big Joke” is preparing to report the accusations of the police superintendent and the deputy chief of demand for benefits Ordered to revoke the freezing of the accounts of Chinese drug traffickers, more than 176 million baht after the accused slammed.

On June 10, 2023, Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police Disclosing the progress of the investigation into the seizure of the Kasikorn Bank account worth 176 million baht in the Torglor Police Station area, which is the account of a dead foreigner. And that account has been frozen for many years. Because the financial trail was discovered to be related to drug trafficking.

Later, information was discovered that there was a police officer at the level of superintendent of a police station in a provincial area. order to revoke the freeze on the account held by a group of people Taking a Chinese man who claims to be the owner of the account to request a new account book Claiming that the old book is missing

32 kg of heroin worth 200 million baht was seized, ready to be exported to Australia

Sheriff’s Department charges 5 former bank employees Create signature to withdraw 70 million co-ops

But from the bank’s investigation, it was found that the true owner of the account was not there. Therefore Thonglor Police Station was informed to arrest about 7 of these people, one of whom is a nationally renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist. They were charged together with attempted theft and using a false logo.

Paul said. Gen. Surachet that from the direction of the investigation It was found that it was wrong that this director had demanded benefits from canceling an account. Regarding the details of how many calls have not yet been revealed, it was also found that there is a police officer at the rank of deputy chief. which is the order of the director of this Take part and know So prepare a summary of the idioms Ready to inform the inspector of the charges and deputy head within the next week


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