“At this rate, all Russian men will disappear”… Putin, what are you doing this time?

‘Promoting the second mobilization order’… Up to 700,000 this time
US provides $4.5 billion in additional aid to Ukraine

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It has been argued that Russia, suffering from a troop shortage as the war in Ukraine continues, plans to draft 700,000 people through a second mobilization order.

British television broadcaster ‘Sky News’ reported on the 22nd (local time), citing a Ukrainian government official.

According to Sky News, Ukraine’s Interior Minister, Gerashenko, said on his Twitter account that day, “Russia is preparing to issue a second mobilization order in January next year.”

“300,000 people who were conscripted under the previous mobilization order have already been killed, injured or lost their will to fight,” he said.

However, he did not disclose any data to support this claim.

Military experts analyzed that if Gerashenko’s claim is true, it means that Russia is preparing for a protracted war. It also showed that this war is not going the way President Vladimir Putin thought it would.

The war, which began on February 24 when Russia invaded Ukraine, will be nine months old on the 24th.

President Putin originally said the war would be over with a quick decision, and military experts at the time also made similar predictions. However, due to the continued support of weapons from the West and strong opposition from the Ukraine, the war has been prolonged, and since July, the atmosphere has been reversed, and recently it seems that the Russian army on the defensive.

President Putin issued a partial mobilization order on September 20, mobilizing 300,000 people to solve the military shortage caused by the protracted war.

However, as it was revealed that they were sent to the battlefield without proper training and did not receive enough weapons, criticism was raised from inside and outside Russia.

In addition, 220,000 Russians are known to have fled to neighboring countries to avoid conscription after the mobilization order was issued.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury Department announced on the same day that it would provide an additional $4.5 billion (6.1 trillion won) for relief in Ukraine.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the government would spend an additional $4.5 billion to provide direct financial assistance to the Ukrainian government.

According to the Treasury, the money will be used for public services, such as paying the salaries of hospital staff and teachers, social security workers and civil servants.

As a result, the total amount of direct financial aid provided by the US government to Ukraine in this war is $13 billion (about 17.6 trillion won).

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