Atari is selling a limited edition game collection for $1,000 – Gamereactor

As part of the ongoing Atari 50 celebrations, the company released a limited edition of ten games for the Atari 2600, all in new packaging.

This is your last chance to grab the games, as they all went on sale before and have since sold out. However, you’ll be getting quite a bit of cash for the games, as Atari is selling them for $999.99.

Also, there are only 100 of these collectibles available, so avid collectors will want to act fast.

The games in the bundle include:

  • adventure
  • missile command
  • a warrior
  • breaking new ground
  • crystal castle
  • haunted house
  • Return of Arles
  • centipede
  • asteroid
  • gravity

Each of these will include unique box art, collectible pins, patches, and a custom acrylic stand.

Check out the bundle here.

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