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Athletes Association and Ilgu Association “Support and Respect KBO’s’Chairman Heomin’

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Korea Professional Baseball Players Association

picture explanationKorea Professional Baseball Players Association

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The Korea Professional Baseball Players Association and the Korea Professional Baseball OB Association, Ilguhoe, expressed their support for the KBO imposing a two-month sanction on the chairman of Heroes Heo Min Kiwoom.

On the 29th, the athletes’ association issued a statement and said, “We convey our respect for the decision of KBO.” I hope it will be a preventive measure to prevent it.”

Chairman Huh became the subject of controversy in June of last year for putting the second-team players on the plate and throwing the ball.

Last month, Lee Taek-geun from Ki-woom submitted a disciplinary request to KBO, saying that the Ki-woom club had inspected fans on a closed circuit (CC) TV.

Accordingly, KBO held a reward and punishment committee on the 22nd to discuss related matters, but decided to observe the judgment of judicial authorities and discuss sanctions.

Chairman Heomin Kiwoom

picture explanationChairman Heomin Kiwoom

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On the 28th, however, KBO President Jung Un-chan imposed a two-month sanction on Chairman Huh for “damaging the dignity of the league,” and issued a stern warning to Kiwoom and Kim Chi-hyun.

Kiwoom’s position is that it will take legal action against the KBO’s disposition, saying, “We will be judged by law enforcement agencies.”

The athletes’ association strongly criticized, saying, “Chairman Heo Min’s attitude to take legal action seriously undermines the value of the league, and that it is an issue that should be considered even when leaving the league.”

In addition, he urged him to sincerely apologize and promise to prevent recurrence, saying, “I express my regret to the Kiwoom club, which has not yet expressed his attitude toward preventing recurrence and the attitude of Chairman Heomin who has not yet apologized to the players of Kiwoom Heroes, who are direct victims.”

One club

picture explanationOne club

In a statement, Ilguhoe strongly warned Kiwoom and Chairman Heo Min that they will not use the KBO League as a’baseball playground’ again. Also, I hope that this will not damage the value of the KBO League anymore.” Expressed.

Ilguhoe said, “Keewoom or Chairman Heomin can actually file a legal suit. At that time, not only Ilguhoe but also all fans who love baseball will be with KBO.” “You have to realize that you can call it.”


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