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Athletes’ Village opened before the start of the Tokyo Olympics… South Africa soccer team confirmed 3 cases

by news dir

With the Tokyo Olympics approaching in four days, I am anxious even before the start. Confirmation continued among Olympic officials, and this time the athletes were also confirmed.

By Song Moo-bin, staff reporter.

Tokyo Olympic Athletes’ Village four days before the opening day. Two players who lived here were diagnosed with Corona 19 yesterday. This is the first time an athlete has been infected in the athletes’ village.

Here, the South African Football Association announced that three people, including two representative players and one video analyst, who moved to the village, have been confirmed with Corona.

All of them tested negative when they entered the athletes’ village on the night of the 14th, but they tested positive on the evening of the next day, the 15th, and all of the national team is currently in quarantine.

Hidemasa Nakamura / Olympic Organizing Committee (Yesterday)
“I think the situation is well controlled. Even if there is a confirmed case, the person involved will be quarantined and all contacts will be traced.”

Previously, Olympic table tennis gold medalist Yoo Seung-min was the first member of the committee to be quarantined after being tested positive at the airport.

Yoo said, “Before leaving the country, I tested negative twice, and had been vaccinated twice.”

A total of 55 confirmed cases related to the Tokyo Olympics so far this monthAs the number of protests increased, the voices against the Olympics are getting stronger.

“No, no, the Olympics!”

In a state of emergency where the meeting was suppressed, the organizers of the Games held a welcome event for IOC officials, including Chairman Bach, at the Akasaka Guesthouse in Tokyo yesterday, again attracting further scrutiny.

Yesterday, the number of new confirmed cases in Tokyo was 1,008, the fifth day it recorded 1,000.

This is TV Chosun Song Moo-bin.


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