Atlanta Braves Training Preview: Catchers

The conservation center is still a strong area for Atlanta Braves for the last two seasons. The combination of Tyler Flowers and Kurt Suzuki added value at low cost. Atlanta ranked at the top of the series in fWAR for fans in 2017 against the FanGraphs and were in the top 2018th 10th.

However, the job will look like a new look in 2019. Flowers to live with the Braves will be elected agreeing one year extension in last August that there is also a club option for 2020. On the other hand, Suzuki was looking for a multiannual bid and he got one with the Washington Nationals who gave him the two-year contract, $ 10 million for him with the phraseason.

With Suzuki going on, the Braves shifted gears, bringing Brian McCann back on a one-year deal. There is not a lot of depth behind Flowers and McCann and so this could be an area where Atlanta is coming up between the Open Day between now.

Locter Locks

Tyler Flowers is entering the fourth season with Atlanta and hit .261 / .360 / .411 with 28 home runs in 264 games in Braves unit. Its value goes beyond its offensive contributions as it was established as one of the best parking frames in the series. Ranger Flowers in the Top 6 in Baseball Prospectus that meter metrics take place every season since 2016. It was in charge of all catchers in 2017 and only the third season was just happening but Yasmani Grandal and Max Stassi. (Keep in mind also that Flowers have done this and it's not just a part-time player, and that the frame runs, it is a metric state). After a winner like Flowers who are capable of framing, it can help relieve the shift with lots of Atlanta pitching expectations as they go on to the Bigbies.

Brian McCann formed a Braves uniformer in 2013 before signing a free agent contract with the New York Yankees. He spent the last two season with the Houston Astros. It checks each of the boxes when it comes to both the field and the field. However, it was limited to only 63 games with the Astros in 2018, in particular due to correct knee injury that ultimately attempted to surrender. When he was on the line he was struggling but .212 / .301 / .339 with seven at home. How much of this was the generation and how much of these was spent and tear from a long career that began in 2005? For better or worse, the Braves will want to find out. At one point, McCann had very happy frames, as he finished in the series when he was running during 2008 and 2009 and in the top 10 all through 2013. However, he put roots mark negative for the first time in more than the last decade, and has provided mediocre or worse anti-rupture in three of the last four seasons.

Triple-A depth

Atlanta Jackson Jackson with this 40 men roster added the asseason that he defends from Draft Rule 5. Jackson moved back to the catcher after the Braves was recovered in 2017 from the Mariners. The reviews of its performance behind the plate are mixed but it is struggling at the dish where it has achieved through the higher levels. Just hit Jackson .200 / .282 / .329 and five home runs in 64 games at Double-A in 2018 and saw that he had a hit rate to 31 percent. He was promoted to Gwinnett in the second half when he met .204 / .296 / .426 and posting a final rate of 33.6 per cent. Jackson has made many prospects and has been seen when it fits in long-term Atlanta plans.

Braves Raffy Lopez claimed a waiver from San Diego earlier this holiday and hopes he can provide a small organizational depth. Lopez is featured in 37 games for the Padraí when he hit only .176 / .265 / .284 with three friends at home. On the other side, Lopez is considered to be frames above average, which could explain to him the interest of Atlanta due to depth.

Requires unrestricted

In addition, Atlanta is taking a chair in the spring as non-roster winners including the prospect of William Contreras who has been hosted by their leaders in 2018. Contreras is the youngest brother with the Cubson Willson catcher and d & He could turn himself to Top 100 listings with another good performance of this season. Contreras hit .293 / .360 / .463 with 11 played at home in 82 games for Rome. He moved to Florida late in the season and is likely to start the season again.

The camp was also invited to Carlos Martinez and Jonathan Morales. Martinez has released the last season between Rome and Mississippi and is an ordinary organizational file. Morales were drafted back in 2015 and spent the last season between Double-A and Triple-A. It gives little protection but no power.

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