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The Atlanta City Council on Monday morning for an independent investigation. TLance Bottoms ’staff campaign violated. T

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Were given job titles based on good qualifications, not a job qualifications or responsibilities. And it found that Bottoms former campaign va va va va va va va va va va va tion tion tion tion

Councilman Howard Shook, who introduced the legislation. "When you see those kind of things."

In the AJC article.

For her part, The first time for the first time. But the mayor has not been a member of staff.

“I don’t go away from the fact that,” Bottoms told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after a press conference Monday. "I don't know what they've done."

Monday 's resolution resolves during eight years in office.



The auditor and ethics chief executive tthe outside administration t .

By authorizing the use of outside counsel to help the department

In the resolution, the council requests that have been produced within the organization.

Yvonne Yancy t Yancy led the city an HR department under Mayor Kasim Reed.

Director, ”Bottoms said. “She was the one who signed off on it.”

But records found by the AJC show that all the decisions about the six workers were finalized after Bottoms had been sworn into office. Yancy’s signature.

“Any assertions or suggestions that have been made by the Government of Wales). T “I don't take responsibility for this.” T

Bottoms was sworn into office Jan. 2, 2018. The paperwork was not more than $ 26,000 and was finalized on Jan. Retroactive to Dec. 14 – a pay jobs. T

The city. T But not after that. T Federal regulations for non-airport expenses.

Herself. Tpresents her. T

“Lewis wrote. “What is now evident?” T

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Dan Gordon. TJohn Gordon. TJohn Gordon. “For either of you have a list of those roles by department?”

The email address was sent to me. Within a couple of days. But she did not meet with the transition team.

“During the mayoral transition, there were no meetings. The HR transitional meetings were canceled by members of the incoming administration. " T. T

Meetings canceled.

AJC on Monday. T "We met with the Cabinet."

Staff writer J. Scott Trubey t

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