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Atlanta hit to end two NLCS games in a row… 2 wins with the Dodgers

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The American professional baseball Atlanta Braves defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers with a close-out hit for two days in a row and took the first two wins in the National League Championship Series of four out of seven.

Atlanta won 5-4 in Game 2 of the NLCS at Truist Park, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, thanks to Eddie Rosario’s just-time hit in the ninth inning.

Atlanta, who also won 3-2 with Austin Riley’s walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game 1, will advance to the World Series by adding two more from their remaining games.

Atlanta got a two run-fort from follow-up hitter Corey Seager after starting pitcher Ian Anderson allowed a left-handed hit to Dodgers lead Mookie Betts in the first inning.

Anderson later allowed Will Smith and Chris Taylor to walk, putting him on the brink of two-out first and second base, but he did not concede any additional points as he treated Bellinger with the ball floating in center field.

Atlanta took the lead in the fourth inning.

After Game 1 hero Riley got a walk from Max Scherzer, follow-up hitter Pederson broke the lead two-run tie.

After playing for the Dodgers until last season, Pederson, who left the team as a free agent after being pushed out of the starting lineup, made his team cry at an important moment.

Atlanta gave up the lead again in the seventh inning.

Tyler Macek, the 5th pitcher, gave up a walk after 10 pitches with the opposing team’s leading batter Betts, and even allowed a stolen base, putting him at risk of a two-out second base.

Macek gave Smith four intentional pitches to fill first base.

Atlanta hastily raised relief pitcher Luke Jackson, who threw a sand dune and was in danger of filling the base.

Afterwards, Jackson gave the Dodgers Taylor a double and a double in a timely midfield match, pushing the score to 4-2.

Atlanta made a dramatic tie at the end of the eighth inning, which was heavily lost.

In a one-out second base made by a left-handed hit from leading hitter Rosario, Olvis and Riley hit straight hits to make it 4-4.

First base runner Olvis balanced the game by storming home with Riley’s double in center field.

The game was decided in the last attack of the regular innings at the end of the ninth.

Atlanta created a two-out second base opportunity with a heavy hit from Travis Dano and an infield ground ball from Guillermo Heredia.

The Dodgers put up close pitcher Kenri Janssen, and Rosario finished the game with a cut fastball in the center of Jansen.

Rosario scored 4 hits, 1 RBI, and 1 run in 5 at-bats, becoming a key player in the second game.

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