Atlanta United receives MLS 2018 Cup championship rings

Squad members who won the MLS Cup at Atlanta United 2018 received their Thursday championship rings at the training.

The rings were made from 10-karat white and yellow gold, with 101 white diamonds. Fourteen diamonds were used to make the Atlanta inside the crest on the top of the ring. The stripes on the badge are made of black onyx and custom garnet stones. Around the string, "MAM CUP CHAMPIONS" says and has a star for the deserved title.

Atlanta United is written on the right hand side of the ring over the Atlanta skyline, underneath which is a MLS Cup trophy and the word conquered. On the left, the motto is "Unite & Conquer" written in yellow gold, above the recipient's name. There is also a golden spike on the side.

The inside of the ring is inscribed with a MLS Cup 2018 date, the final score and the slogan "does not stop 5-stripes."

The local rapper Waka Flocka, one of Atlanta's most famous fans, stopped to bring out the rings.

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