Atlanta's attorney was sentenced for 15 years for millions of embezzling

A Atlanta attorney convicted his legal firm from thousands of dollars for 15 years in a federal prison.

Nathan Hardwick IV, a Atlanta-based real estate law firm partner, Morris Hardwick Schneider, was created in October in the wake of a wire fraud, conspiracy and false statements of a federal insured financial institution.

A federal jury found that the 53-year-old team had been 53 years from a tight account and used to use most of the money to sustain his gaming habits and support lifestyle.

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Hardwick helped to build Morris Hardwick Schneider into one of the largest real estate final firms in the country, with 800 employees in 16 states. But he then used it as a personal buddy, said federal prosecutors.

Over a three-year period ending August 2014, Hardwick had millions wired from the legal firm account. Much of that money has been used to pay gaming debts, personal loans, transport obligations and private jets. Wrecking over $ 5.9 million to Harrah, Cosmopolitan, Beau Rivage and Venetian casinos, according to evidence introduced at the last four-week trial.

In early 2007, Hardwick and his legal partners sold some of their businesses, and Hardwick's pocket was around $ 11.8 million. The prosecutors said that he made that money fast, however, and by the end of 2010 the solicitor broke down and he was in debt.

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The legal statements of the legal firm indicated that their combined combined income from 2011 to 2013 was around $ 10 million. Over the same three-year period, Hardwick took over $ 20 million from the firm's accounts, according to the Department of Justice.

"This solicitor seized the trust he put to his clients and his partners," said President of Attorney Byung J. " BJay "Pak was released." As a result, he has a long-term prison sentence. Intermediaries who steal the money and profits of clients from their partners in prison years can be a breach of trust. "

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At the trial, Hardwick's defense attorney, Ed Garland, asked jurors that Asha Maurya, the chief financial officer of the firm, refused to say that he had stolen at least $ 900,000.

But federal prosecutors said Hardwick and Maurya had been with each other, and that the two false statements made a lot to Hardwick's legal partners regarding the amount of money he had stolen in the effort to cover fraud.

Hardwick was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 years and forfeited nearly $ 20 million in criminal receipts. It was ordered to pay a repayment to the people who stole money from, according to the release of DOJ. When released from prison, Hardwick will serve six years on the release of supervision.

Maurya was sentenced to seven years in prison, three years of release of supervision, and ordered forfeiture of £ 900,000 in criminal receipts.

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