Atlético Madrid is fierce in the second half! Invasion of Cadiz to nudge the white-robed king

Atletico Madrid had to wait until the second half to squander hosts Cadiz before winning 4-1, narrowing the gap with rivals Real Madrid, who had a late night kick-off queue. Only one point left In the Spanish La Liga football match on Sunday night, November 28 at the past.

Stadium : Estadio Nuebo Mirandiya

Spanish La Liga Cup on Sunday night, November 28, past “Bear seal” Atletico Madrid lost the Champions League in the middle of the week. Makes me want to be tired of that item But in the league has the opportunity to move up to the top three, Diego Simeone put a star like “Grizmann-Suarez” matched through the goal of Cadiz manager Alvaro Cerbera, who risked falling into the red zone. I hope to have a point today.

The game passed through the first 13 minutes, Mario Hermoso pushed high, heading the ball to the home defender. The ball floated in front of the door, Stefan Savic flicked the ball over the crossbar behind him.

Tomar Lemar tore to receive the ball before flowing back to Marcos Llorente, slipping off from the right in the penalty area, Antoine Griezmann hit the ball quickly into the first post. But the ball had already crossed the back line three minutes later.

Atletico lost the main defensive line, Jose Jimenez had a hook problem in the face early in the match, replaced by Felipe at centre-back in the 34th minute.

Just two minutes, the hosts greeted the danger Salvi Sanchez dragged the ball into the right side. Opened the ball to bounce into the way Alfonso Espino slammed the other side of the penalty area. The ball passed the second post unfortunately.

The visiting team missed the shot. Two defensive lines, the local defenders took the ball, but collided with each other. The ball was set to Luis Suarez. Primarily hit the ball alone in the high penalty area, over the crossbar, did not win the score in the 37th minute, the first half ended, always 0. -0

In the second half, Tomar Lemar put a corner kick, Stefan Savic jumped to head the ball into the ground, Here’s Ledesma flew to help the team escape the goal in the 52nd minute.

Four minutes later, only Yannick Carrasco rocked Cadiz’s trick. Before having the opportunity to throw a very high pitch around the penalty area 6 yards, Tomar Lemar took the ball into the temple, brought him into the goal, leading Atel 1-0.

Luis Suarez retreated to help before a quick counter-attack dunked out to the left, Yannick Carrasco slashed the ball around the defending line at home to Tomar Lemar, out of a single duel by Heremias Lede. Sam, but the Atletico team hit the representative in the 63rd minute.

The reigning champions ripped away 2-0 in the 70th minute, Marcos Llorente touched the ball for Tomar Lemar to return to the right almost to the back line. Before the referee slapped to the penalty spot, Antoine Griezmann flicks along the ball to escape the hand of the host Dan, tucked into the net.

The match reached the 74th minute, Antoine Griezmann lifted the ball in front of the goal, Angel Correa headed the ball into Isaac Carselen, bouncing back to Valazdak. Haroyan took control of the goal line and kicked it out in time.

Angel Correa touched the match with Mateas Cunha and then, as the Argentinian substitute, hit the ball past Heremeus Ledesma, another striker. The visiting team left 3-0 in the 76th minute.

Shoko Lozano opened the ball like nothing, but Jan Oblak missed the ball. Allowed to float in the net in a shock mode, the home team chased for 1-3 minutes at 86

Atletico opened the score to add 4-1. The next moment, Antoine Griezmann stabbed the ball through Mateas Cunha, fell off the offside line with full force against the rival goalkeeper, finishing the game. Atlético Madrid invaded Yum. Cadiz 4-1 scores to narrow the gap with rivals Real Madrid, who have a late-night queue. Only one point left

List of players on the field

Cadiz (4-4-2): Heremeres Ledesma, Isaac Garcelen, Valazdak Haroyan, Juan Gala, Alfonso Espino, Salvi Sanchez (Ivan Chaplea, 78), Jons Jonsson, Alex Fernandez (Alvaro Bastida, 83), A Alberto Perea (Alvaro Negredo, 68), Ruben Sobrino (Santiago Arzamendia, 78), Choco Lozano.

Atlético Madrid (3-1-4-2): Jan Oblak, Stefan Savic, Jose Jimenez (Felipe 34), Mario Hermoso, Koke, Marcos. Llorente, Rodrygo de Paul, Tomar Lemar (73rd Angel Correa), Yannick Carrasco, Antoine. Griezmann, Luis Suarez (Mateas Cunha, 73)

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