Atomic Heart has released its update patch, which adds important new features for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Friday, April 7, 2023, 9:58:23 PM Indochina time

best player Console of the game shooter first person perspective Atomic Heart A significant game performance upgrade is coming in patch along with a number of fixes and other features. Atomic Heart It launched in pretty good shape overall. But the game lacks some important technical features that many people expected.

Mundfish have used Tweet To announce the release of the patch, the main feature of the update will make players forward PS5 a Xbox Series X/S There is an option to enjoy Play a game in 120 Hz

originally Atomic Heart released on the machine platform Next-gen console Both models work with a solution. 4K dynamic a 60 FPS smooth performance that is more than enough for gamers on Console In most cases, although the means 120 Hz This new one will make the decision a little lower. But it is still a good choice for experienced players. Atomic Heart smoother

The main patch also tries to fix missing achievements for players. Xbox though Mundfish He explains that players may have to restart the game to reset the state in order to unlock the buggy achievement.

However, it is currently unclear if this means players will have to meet the requirements again, or if restarting the game will automatically unlock a buggy achievement from previous playthroughs. Additionally, patch will give players more customization options. MAGIC and the size of the subtitles as well

Atomic Heart Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One a Xbox Series X/S