Atomic Heart is almost 80 GB for Xbox Series X.

After a long delay, Atomic Heart finally hits theaters on February 21st. A preload for the game is live on Xbox right now (it’s included with Game Pass, so if you’re planning to play it, be ready), so we know how much storage SSD we’ll need to get when it drops.

As expected, it turns out to be quite a large production, although not the worst scenario at 78.66 gigabytes, the PC and PlayStation 5 we can expect to be in the same block. This is common in large AAA games these days, but we have multiple cases where some games are more than double that size.

Atomic Heart has been billed as the Soviet version of BioShock, and from the images and trailers we’ve seen so far, it looks very promising. However, Russian developer Mundfish has recently been criticized for its reluctance to condemn the war on Ukraine and has been accused of collecting personal data for the Russian regime.

Also, as many have also pointed out, we haven’t seen the console versions (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X) even though it’s supposed to be out in less than two weeks. Mundfishto expressa new generation of products with“Stable 60fps, 4K and dynamic resolution runs in dungeons, mostly 4K at 60 fps in the open world”,But some evidence would be nice.

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