Atosolution Organic Folic Acid

Neopharm (CEO Yang-soo Kim) Atosolution introduced ‘Organic Folic Acid’.

Atosolution organic folic acid provides essential nutrients to pregnant women. Folic acid supports the growth of the fetus and the formation of the cranial nerves and the central nervous system.

Therefore, folic acid should be taken regularly before conception, during pregnancy, and after birth. It is important to choose an organic product that you can feel safe about as it is a nutrient that you are consuming for a long time.

Atosolution organic folic acid uses 100% organic plant-based ingredients, including supporting ingredients. Folic acid is certified organic as safe for the human body.

Chemical ingredients added during the manufacturing process, sweeteners, and synthetic fragrances that impart flavor and aroma are excluded. It can be eaten with confidence, except for residual pesticides, radiation exposure, and genetically modified ingredients.

The content of folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin D per tablet exceeds the recommended intake for pregnant women. You can easily get the nutrients you need.

The amount of folic acid in 1 organic folic acid tablet is 800 μg. This is the same amount of folic acid as 93 pieces of lettuce, 10 plates of blanched spinach, and 15 oranges.

It also contains 4.8㎍ of vitamin B12 and 25㎍ of vitamin D, providing nutrition for pregnant women.

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