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It was revealed that Tarzan Goto (real name: Seiji Goto), a professional wrestler who was active in All Japan Wrestling and FMW, died at 6:50 pm on the 29th. He was 58 years old. Big Japan Wrestling, to which Mr. Goto once belonged, announced his death, and the people concerned were informed of the funeral.

A former member of the House of Councilors and a professional wrestler who invited Mr. Goto to play many famous games when he transferred to FMW from all days.Atsushi OnitaUpdated his Twitter account on the night of the 30th.

 「Tarzan GotoUnder the hashtag “I just couldn’t believe it”, I went to Narita to pick up Goto who returned from the United States when I started FMW and called immediately after launching FMW. I don’t know what to say that it was like yesterday and it was a shock. “

On August 4, 1990, Onita performed the first ever no-rope barbed wire current explosion death match with Mr. Goto at the Shiodome tournament, and won the Pro Wrestling Grand Prize of the Year. The following year, at the main event of the Kawasaki Baseball Field Tournament, he played against Mr. Goto again in a no-rope barbed wire wire mesh current explosion death match. It attracted a large audience of over 30,000.

The cover of a professional wrestling magazine that was colored in the 8.4 decisive battle with Mr. Goto was also pasted on this tweet.


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