Atsuto Uchida “Things flew when I played a game like this in Germany” Japan national team match “Commentary without sontaku” echoed: J-CAST News[Full text display]

The final qualifying round for the World Cup (World Cup) Asia in soccer was held at Saitama Stadium on January 27, 2022, and former Japan national team DF Atsuto Uchida (33) provided commentary on TV Asahi, which broadcast the match. On this day, he appeared in combination with soccer commentator Yasutaro Matsuki (64), a former Japan national team defender, and praised comments have been raised on the Internet for the first time in Mr. Uchida’s accurate commentary.

  • Atsuto Uchida (Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda / Afro)

  • Atsuto Uchida (Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda / Afro)

“It’s on the bench. From the director.”

In the 11th minute of the first half, midfielder Junya Ito (28) broke through the right side and shot a cross that hit the Chinese defender and took the penalty. FW Yuya Osako (31) calmly decided this and took the lead.

After that, Japan took the initiative in the game and aggressively attacked, but lacked deciding power and finished the first half without taking additional points.

After 5 minutes in the second half, the live announcer said, “It seemed like there was a feeling that the game seemed to move like this and a little chilly time and the first half,” Uchida said to this. correspondence.

Mr. Uchida pointed out, “After scoring the first half of the score, you should score when the flow is good,” he said. “I know when I was playing the game, but I wonder if that is clear as a team. I wonder if there was such an instruction even in half-time. Seen from this start, “he said.

In addition, “When I was playing in Germany, various things flew when I played such a game. It’s on the bench. It’s from the director,” he expressed the battle in the first half with episodes from the Bundesliga era in Germany.

“Did Junya Inazuma and Mr. Matsuki think?”

In addition, he showed an exquisite response to Mr. Matsuki’s comments during the match, showing his high responsiveness as a commentator.

In the 16th minute of the second half, midfielder Junya Ito (28) headed to DF Yuta Nakayama (24) from the left side and scored an additional point. “I think I’m saying Ito, Ito, and Itai because it feels like I’m hitting my face,” said a pun.

Mr. Uchida responded to Mr. Matsuki’s puns, saying, “Yes, I hit it firmly.”

The exchange between the two continued after the match, and when Mr. Matsuki looked back on the goal scene of Ito and said, “I’m glad Junya Inazuma,” Mr. Uchida said, “Junya Inazuma, by the way, did Mr. Matsuki think?” I put it in. On the other hand, Mr. Matsuki said, “No, no. Yeah, that’s right.”

After the match, on Twitter, in addition to praise comments such as “I’m giving a really accurate commentary,” “I’m simply happy that his straightforward attitude of not being sontaku has begun to be evaluated, and it should be like this.” “Players The response was widespread, such as “I was able to convey the lack of spirit of the director” and “I criticized Director Moriyasu who did not give any instructions implicitly.” On the other hand, there were comments such as “Mr. Matsuki’s upset …” and “The skill to follow Yasutaro Matsuki well is wonderful.”



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